The Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles provides essential governmental advocacy on the local, state and federal level. Housing is one of the most regulated industries and it is vital that you are represented and your voice is heard by lawmakers. Without AAGLA, there is no alternative voice fighting on your behalf in City Halls across the state of California or in Sacramento.

On the local level, we cover the Counties of Los Angeles, Ventura and San Bernardino and over 120 cities within their boundaries.  On the State level, AAGLA is a member of the California Rental Housing Association, which is federation of ten state associations which work together to advance the interests of the multifamily industry in Sacramento. Nationally, we are proud members of the National Apartment Association where associations across the United States advocate cohesively to policy makers in Washington DC. When you become a member of AAGLA, we have your back on all issues at every level.

We are always on watch to defend the rental housing industry and work hard to promote the highest level of professionalism in the industry. We mobilize when there are pressing issues in the territory ensuring members are up to speed on decisions that will affect their investment. We work with our members on a regular bases to make sure lawmakers and decision makers are hearing the concerns of the industry and taking action to address those concerns..

Now more than ever, we need members to get involved. To effectively advocate, we need more members to join our efforts! It is vital to have owners engage with policy makers, relay their experiences and ensure the voice of the industry is heard loud and clear. Whether it is making calls to get out the vote for candidates we support, donating to the AAGLA Political Action Committee or testifying at City Hall; there are many ways you can help amplify our message and promote the tremendous service multi-family housing owners provide. We are looking for volunteers in all cities to mobilize and take action with us!