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Supporters unite in last-chance effort to save California’s most controversial housing bill

In a last-ditch attempt to save the year’s most controversial housing measure, supporters of a stalled bill to overhaul California’s zoning rules are pressuring the state Senate leader to resurrect the legislation. After the Appropriations Committee last week killed Senate Bill 50 for the year, the measure’s backers have come out [...]

May 24th, 2019|

California’s Big Housing Bill Tanked. Newsom Is Partly to Blame

Big and bold ideas often bomb out in the Legislature. And the biggest bill of this young session — a proposal to spur high-density housing — just blew up. Our democratic system of frustrating checks and balances isn’t designed for quick fixes. It fosters incrementalism. That can be agonizing. But [...]

May 24th, 2019|

Instead of Fighting Landlords, State Legislators Should Fight to Increase Housing

With New York’s rent regulations set to expire in mid-June, much attention is currently focused on the package of nine bills introduced in the state Legislature to achieve “universal rent control.” Launched amid a barrage of hostile rhetoric directed against landlords and real estate developers, state legislators and progressive activists are asserting [...]

May 24th, 2019|

“I’ve saved over $5,000 on maintenance and repairs this year alone. The membership pays for itself.”

Diego Medina, AAGLA Member since 1997

This is a great organization I’m proud to be part of it, they provide very useful information to property apartment owners, they have a monthly magazine which is very informative they just celebrated their 100 years anniversary. Congrats!

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