A need for the ordinance was decided upon after much debate at the June 24 City Council meeting

In response to the skyrocketing rent prices in the city, the Culver City City Council is meeting on Aug. 12 to discuss planned rent control after an urgency ordinance was called for at the June 24 City Council meeting. Staff was directed to use the L.A. County Temporary Rent Stabilization Ordinance as a model, including a rent cap enacted retroactively to June 24 or beyond if data supports the need for it.

The decision to enact an urgency ordinance on the matter of rent freeze was presented at the June 24 meeting to a split crowd. Over 100 people spoke, many in favor of the rent freeze, and plenty against it. Those who were in favor of rent freeze mainly felt that many landlords would raise rents for the sole reason of making a greater profit. With the development of Culver City and the adjacent Playa Vista as technological hubs, the demand to live in the city has risen dramatically in recent years, and the rent in the city has risen to an amount difficult for many current tenants to keep up with.

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