Gov. Newsom Says Work Continues On Possible Rent Compromise

Gov. Newsom Says Work Continues On Possible Rent Compromise

2019-03-28T16:47:51-07:00March 28th, 2019|Advocacy|

Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom said Tuesday he’s continuing to work with state lawmakers on what he hopes will be a deal to stabilize California’s rising rents.

“We’ve been working behind the scenes with a number of the key parties and participants to see if there is a — forgive the vernacular — a deal on this that could be a constructive first step,” Newsom told reporters after hosting a roundtable on affordable housing in Sacramento. “I’m not wedded to any specific proposal right now.”

Voters last fall rejected Proposition 10, which would have allowed cities to greatly expand rent control by repealing the state’s Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act. The state’s rental housing law prevents cities from putting a cap on rents for apartments built since 1995. It exempts condos and single-family homes from any rent control.

Apartment associations and real estate groups contributed tens of millions of dollars to defeat the initiative last year, saying it would stymie new construction and make the state’s affordable housing crisis worse.

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