Lawmakers Shouldn’t Get Between Landlords and Tenants

Lawmakers Shouldn’t Get Between Landlords and Tenants

2019-02-01T15:27:44-08:00February 1st, 2019|Advocacy|

The Oregon Legislature is considering bills that would meddle in the landlord-tenant relationship and harm the rental marketplace.

Democratic House Speaker Tina Kotek is behind SB 608 which would limit annual rent increases to 7 percent plus inflation for most rentals and restrict a landlord’s ability to evict tenants without cause.

No other state in the nation has enacted a statewide rent control measure because capping rent increases unreasonably limits a landlord’s flexibility to deal with market changes or capital improvement needs — such as a major roof repair or plumbing upgrade. Plus, there’s the inconvenient fact that voters tend to approve measures that increase property taxes. Landlords need to pass that along to tenants.

Indeed, communities with rent control like San Francisco have had the unintended consequences of deteriorating housing stock and less supply. That won’t help renters nor will it make housing more affordable.

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