A woman is staying in a homeless shelter after being kicked out of her home.

She claims her apartment manager is to blame for not keeping the building at 22nd and Jones in proper shape.

“One minute the water won’t work and the next minute it will,” Christina LeCompte said.

Water is just one problem in a slew of issues she says she’s experiencing at her apartment unit.

“Why can’t I get all the water off in the house? I never get all the water off,” LeCompte said.

She claims the last three months have been a living nightmare.

“I can see that there is some water coming under it….from under it,” LeCompte said. “I took the baseboard off, it was full of mold, put the blanket under that and left for maybe 45 minutes, came back, and the blanket was soaked.”

She unplugs her appliances fearing the electrical circuits will shock her.

“Like needles. Like somebody just poked you with needles. Any old place…and then my bones get to hurting. My bones hurt right now,” LeCompte said.

An inspection report lists code violations from deteriorating kitchen and bathroom sink cabinets to unlicensed outlet installation.

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