Imagine having to deal with the frigid temperatures we’ve had lately without heat in your home. That’s what a local woman says she’s dealing with at her apartment on Christian Avenue, which is off Laskey Road.

Tiffany Forbes and her six children live at Cambridge Court Apartments. She tells us that despite numerous calls to management, she’s been without heat for months. Tiffany told us that as the temperature dropped outside, the inside of her apartment turned into a deep freeze, “It’s like you’re sitting outside. I just want heat, that’s all I want. I pay my rent every month on time, not late. I want heat.”

Tiffany says her family has been forced to live in this apartment with no heat since moving in last September. She says she was told she would be given heaters, but that never happened, “I don’t even know what the temperature is because there’s no thermostat. It’s freezing, there is snow on the ground and I don’t have heat. It’s a little warmer in here right now, but that’s because I have been using the oven to heat the place. I keep turning it on and off.”

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