“Glendale, like the rest of California, is choking under a housing crisis. It would be dishonest to disregard the fact that Glendale is facing a potentially disastrous situation. Glendale has glaring rent issues and a rapid turnaround is essential to salvage the situation.

A rent stability ordinance is an ultimate solution for the rent problem. Since some landlords are exploiting legal loopholes, it is only advisable to block their waywardness. Halting them requires legal measures.

The elderly population deserves protection through rent control to save them from institutionalized care, and the young working population needs protection as well.

A blanket figure of a maximum of 4% annual increase is a reasonable middle ground for all stakeholders. If rent control is in place, Glendale residents will feel proud of their city. Their economic welfare will improve as a result of affordable housing.

Shelter remains a basic need. It is only logical to disallow manipulation of rental rates by unethical landlords.

Shelter remains a basic need. It is only logical to disallow manipulation of rental rates by unethical landlords.

Meghrik Yenoki



There are many problems in this city, but one of the main issues is that rents for apartments and houses are very high. There is no rent control in this city.

Every day we see buildings created and new stores opening. All this activity has an effect on rent prices and retail prices. Every month, refugees arrive in this city from foreign countries. They find high rents and can’t afford a place to live.

This denies the dignity and worth of every individual. We are headed down the wrong path, and I hope we can change directions. Why does this city have such high rents?

Reneh Bughusians



In the past I have lived in a large metropolitan city on the East Coast with rent control laws. Rent control does not help anyone on a fixed income, as while the rent may remain stabilized the residential buildings begin a deterioration process due to lack of income for the investor/owners. Eventually, over time, rent control leads to slums and ghettos. There is no incentive for land owners to invest in properties when there are inadequate monies derived from rentals to be utilized for updating properties.

The proposed rent control ordinance is seriously flawed, and over time Glendale property values will be reduced and whole neighborhoods will become unkempt and uninviting.

I am not a landlord, but I have been a resident homeowner in this city for many years. All City Council members should keep in mind that owning investment property is a privilege, not a right. In order for buildings to be maintained and updated, landlords need to earn some profit so their buildings and the tenants living in them are proud of their space. Being a landlord is a business just like owning a hair salon or a car dealership.

Please vote NO on rent control.

Ann M. Segal