“Sky-rocketing rents, unaffordable housing, and lack of available housing are not just a Davis issue, they are a statewide issue.  On the ballot for November, about a month away, is Proposition 10, a ballot initiative that would return the question of rent control to local communities.

Davis has a renters’ market that is mostly impacted by an increase in demand, mainly through enrollment growth at UC Davis and the inability to provide new housing in the short-term – originally by growth control measures and now by litigation.

While there are local factors worsening the rental market in Davis, this is not simply a local problem.  The Berkeley Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society recently analyzed census data and found that 54 percent of Californians spend at least 30 percent of their income on rent and more than a quarter spend over half their income on rent.

Another survey, as reported in a recent LA Times article, found, “High housing costs have left millions of Californians poor. Nearly 1 in 5 California residents lives in poverty when housing and other costs of living are considered, helping give the state the distinction of having the nation’s highest poverty rate.”

Will it work?  Depends on whom you ask.  Supporters believe that the measure could bring relief for renters during this time when rents are increasing beyond the capacity of the average person to pay them.”

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