Glendale City Council will be considering a proposed Right to Lease ordinance on Tuesday, 3/06 starting at 6:00 pm located at 613 E. Broadway, 2nd Floor, Glendale.  The proposed ordinance would require owners to provide a 1 year written lease to prospective tenants with a 1 year tenant renewal option.  The rental rate for the second year could be higher, but would need to be specified in original lease.   The agenda for this meeting will be posted on the City Council’s website by Friday evening, 3/02.
West Hollywood
A.  The West Hollywood City Council will be considering 4 rental housing issues on Monday, 3/05 starting at 6:00 pm located at 625 N. San Vicente Blvd., West Hollywood Park public meeting room.
   1)  Support repeal of Costa Hawkins (Item 2V). The City’s staff is recommending that the City support repeal of Costa Hawkins, which is a current state law.  Costa Hawkins protects owners from overly aggressive local rent control ordinances.  It prohibits rent control on buildings from 1995 to present.  Also, it requires that local governments allow “vacancy decontrol”, which means that for rent controlled units the owner can raise the rent to market rate after the current tenant vacates.  In addition, it prevents rent control of single family homes and condominiums.
   2) Finalize the creation of a new “home sharing” ordinance (Item .  The City Council had been working on draft ordinance to address short term housing rentals.  This proposed ordinance would preclude home sharing (defined as less than 30 consecutive days) in any rental units.  It would also require that the “host” obtain a business license to conduct home sharing and be on the premises for the entire time that the premises are being shared.
   3) Create grant funding for seismic retrofits.  In April 2017, the City passed an ordinance requiring that all “soft story” buildings receive seismic retrofitting.  The proposed ordinance would research the creation of a grant for non-profit housing and rent controlled buildings to cover the costs of the seismic retrofitting.  The grants would be based on competition and non-profit providers receiving preferential consideration.
   4) Create an incentive program for affordable accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and for pilot programs to promote additional affordable housing (Item 4A).  City staff is recommending that research be done on both of these options.  For details of several approaches, please see the staff report attached to the meeting agenda.
B)  The West Hollywood Rent Stabilization Commission will meet on March 8 to discuss the costs associated with seismic retrofitting.  The meeting will start at 7:00 pm located at 625 N. San Vicente Blvd., West Hollywood Park public meeting room, West Hollywood.  It will consider revision to the current RSO upward net adjustment application form versus a direct pass through approach.