The City of Los Angeles has released their Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH) Draft Plan. This plan identifies fair housing issues and develops strategies to reduce existing barriers throughout the City of Los Angeles. The AFH Draft Plan outlines recommendations to promote fair housing choice and foster inclusive communities. The goals and priorities demonstrated in the AFH Draft Plan will be used to inform future policy development in the City of Los Angeles. Although the Apartment Association fully supports Fair Housing goals and fully supports more funding to affordable housing, we have serious concerns about items that have been included in this document.

Out of fifteen meetings held this year to provide input in the drafting of this document, only ONE  included housing provider representatives. Four were held with (ACCE)  Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, a radical organization that advocates for counter productive housing policy such as rent control, eviction restrictions, repeal of Costa-Hawkins and supports predatory dwelling strategies such as jury trial delays in Unlawful Detainer procedures.

In the goals and strategies of this document it includes items such as

  • “Expand and strengthen support against unjust evictions, including just cause evictions, rent control policies”
  • Advocating for a linkage fee
  • Exploration of a rent court
  • Support of Shriver like programs which fund eviction defense services

You can read the full DRAFT plan HERE!

The nuances of managing and operating a community appear to be absent. Owners are not in the eviction business, we are in the housing business. Eviction restrictions create conditions where owners are not able to control nuisances that affect the entire property and those who live there. Further, Unlawful Detainer abuse is becoming ever more prevalent in Los Angeles, as straightforward items such as non payment of rent are now taking 6 months to resolve due to court delay tactics. Although rent control has become a popular term, nothing will change the underlying fact that price controls lead to price distortions and rent control policies ultimately lead to the deterioration of supply and quality of the housing stock.

We need more housing not less. We need real solutions not counter-productive measures. There are  items that we are very supportive of in this document but some appear to have little to do with fair housing. We encourage our members to read this document and submit public comments.

Written comments may be submitted to

by 5:00 p.m. on September 29, 2017.

Please include “AFH Comments” in the subject line.

Comments may also be mailed to:

Attn: Nancy Twum

Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department

1200 W. 7th St, 9th Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90017

For more information and to stay up to date on the City’s AFH, visit:

If you have any questions regarding the AFH process, please send an email to and include “AFH Questions” in the subject line. A staff member will respond to you within 72 hours.

Photo Courtesy of Abode Communities. Jim Simmons Photography.