By: Francyne Shapiro Lambert, Vice President Lambert Investments, Inc.
And once again another disclosure is required for all Santa Monica Property Sales. This is applicable for construction projects beginning in or after 1996 and requires that a disclosure Statement on Urban Runoff be provided by the seller to the buyer if the property is being sold.

This requirement for Urban Runoff Disclosure was implemented back in 2010 and updated in May 2017 by the Santa Monica City Council.

The requirement is pursuant to the runoff ordinance, SMMC 7.10 which states that when a property is sold, the seller is required to inform the buyer with a disclosure of the existing structural rain harvesting devices which are being referred to as Best Management Practices (BMPs.) BMPs are part of the required annual maintenance and inspection. BMPs are the structural systems that harvest rainfall from the impermeable surfaces on the property (roof, driveway, parking lot) and either infiltrate this water directly into the ground, store it for onsite use, treat and release it to the alley or to the street or directly into a storm drain line (for larger projects.) The desired goal of the BMPs is to reduce pollutants going into the Santa Monica Bay via storm water and impacting the coastal waters.

A property will have an BMP if there was any construction beginning in or after 1996 where the project exceeded a certain threshold specified in the ordinance.
The Watershed Management Section Office Of Sustainability And The Environment At The City Of Santa Monica maintains a database of all the projects that are in this
program and can verify if your property is part of this program and requires this specific Disclosure Statement.

Remember that the seller is required to inform the buyer if the property being sold is part of the BMPs. Make sure to check with your Broker or Escrow Officer to include this Disclosure.

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