As you may know, the Beverly Hills City Council decided to delay the decision to fund a full rent Control program at their 8/8 meeting. It was decided that no decision could be made until a report from the mediation meetings was released and other alternatives were looked at further.
You can watch the council video HERE!
This does not mean a  strict rent control program is off the table. It means more review is necessary. We thank the City Council for their reasonable approach to these issues and looking deeper into the nuances and concerns raised by Housing Providers as well as residents. Housing providers maintain there are cost effective solutions to the issues the City is facing. Expensive programs based on thirty year old models are not necessary to solve the problems and would lead to more harm than good.
Thank you to all of the housing providers who attended the meeting and wrote letters. It is vitally important owners, operators, mangers, suppliers and residents stay involved on this issue. The City Council has set a date on September 22nd to further review these issues.
Registry Extension
The City Council also voted to extend the registry deadline.  City Council approved a 30-day extension of the Rental Unit Registration period from its original closing date of August 23rd. Therefore, the last day for property owners to submit a registration form for all rental units online is September 22, 2017.
Tuesday, September 22
7 PM
Council Chamber
455 North Rexford Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210