After months of  expressing concerns regarding rent control measures, The City of Beverly Hills has announced four facilitated meetings to further discuss a fair and balanced Rent Stabilization Ordinance. These meetings will help inform City Council as they continue to receive recommendations and develop a final ordinance.
There are two new faces on council since this ordinance was passed and owners have continued to contact Councilmembers voicing displeasure. We need you to attend all of the meetings and ensure other interested parties attend as well.  You have plumbers, contractors, management companies, gardeners and so many others who help operate your communities. Ask them to attend these meetings and voice their concerns! It is time for all Housing Providers to come forward and advocate for fair policy.

The meetings will take place on July 10th, July 12th, July 17th &  July 25th. All from 7-10 PM at Roxbury Park. You can find out more HERE!

Get involved fighting the 3.0% Rent Control Ordinance!
In addition to attending these meetings, you need to write the Councilmembers!  Housing Providers need fair policy that allow them to operate their investments without suffocating bureaucracy.  Email the Councilmembers with your concerns:
Go to the meetings and help organize.  The value of your building was drastically reduced by this ordinance and your ability to operate has been constrained. Now is the time to fight back.