Why Drug Makers are Opposing Rent Control

"America’s major drug manufacturers are suddenly interested in Californiahousing battles, donating $500,000 to defeat an initiative that could expand rent control. Or maybe it’s personal. Michael Weinstein of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation is the proponent and main funder of Proposition 10, the rent control expansion measure on the November ballot. Apartment owners and real estate [...]

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What Will S.F. Do if Costa-Hawkins is Overturned?

“Let me start by offering my and my client’s condolences on the loss of your wife,” the letter begins. “We know this must be a difficult time for you and we sincerely wish you well. Due to her passing, the ownership has the right to establish a new rental amount for your unit under the state [...]

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Landlord Group Gathering Signatures for 2020 Measure to Curb Rent Control

"A landlord-funded campaign that would effectively end Mountain View’s two-year-old rent control program didn’t qualify for the November ballot, but supporters said yesterday (Aug. 22) they’re still fighting to get on the ballot in 2020. The Measure V Too Costly campaign has until mid-October to collect 5,126 valid signatures after it failed to meet that [...]

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Costa-Hawkins Repeal’s Impact Muted for Mountain View

"Rent control, a political tempest familiar to Mountain View, is set to be a major statewide issue in this November's election. Proposition 10, a ballot initiative that would end the state's restraints on local rent control policies, has thrust the controversial issue back into the spotlight. Specifically, Proposition 10 would repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing [...]

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Wake Up, California Millennials: Rent Control is a Generational Con Game

"In 2012 the IGM Forum polled some economists about rent control. Each economist was asked to agree or disagree that rent control promotes affordable housing, and to state the degree of confidence, on a scale of 1 to 10, he invested in his response. Weighted for confidence, 95 percent of the economists disagreed, four percent felt unsure, [...]

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Huge Risk to Mom and Pop Landlord in California

“We are high school teachers and will retire next year. Our accountant warned, “As California’s pension obligations are badly underfunded, consider an additional revenue source, such as becoming landlords and buying a small, single family home.’ “But friends warned us about owners trying to evict deadbeat tenants who hire law firms which sue the landlord. [...]

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Apartment Investors in California Get Jitters Over Proposal to Reinstate Rent Regulations

"California voters in November will decide whether to repeal a 1995 law that put limits on municipal residential rent regulations across the state. And that's making investors jittery. On the ballot is California Proposition 10, the Local Rent-Control Initiative, that would effectively repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act. That law had repealed rent control on [...]

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“Rent Strike” Losing Steam at Burlington Avenue Apartments in Westlake

Media Inquiries: Email: BurlingtonApartmentsLA@gmail.com “Rent Strike” Losing Steam at Burlington Avenue Apartments in Westlake Two Tenants Say They Were Deceived by Tenant Activists, Union Organizers, One Quits Strike and Pays Rent   Los Angeles, Calif. (Aug. 16, 2018) —Two tenants have come forward in recent weeks at the Burlington Avenue Apartments, telling apartment managers they were [...]

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To Endorse Prop. 10 or No? SF YIMBY Faces Soul-Defining Choice

"San Francisco’s YIMBY Action is facing a difficult choice, one that may define the group for years to come. Will the champions of “build, build, build” endorse Proposition 10, the state ballot prop that would repeal rent control advocate’s most pernicious roadblock, Costa Hawkins? The 1995 Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act is the white whale [...]

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Plan to Demolish Rent-Controlled Units for Affordable Housing in Westlake Sparks Backlash

Housing groups are criticizing a developer’s plan to displace dozens of residents from rent-controlled bungalows in the working-class neighborhood of Westlake to make way for a $64-million affordable housing project. Nonprofit developer Abode Communities is seeking to build a 100-unit affordable housing project on Grand View Street, near MacArthur Park. The developer plans to demolish [...]

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