AAGLA Member Spotlight

“She’s like a sister to me,” Brenda White said affectionately. “Some people enter your life for a season, but Norma is family.” Connected for over three decades, Norma Roberts and Brenda White have been members of the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles for almost as long as they have been friends. “When I was [...]

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UC Berkely Report Defends Rent Control in California Cities

"An upcoming ballot measure has renewed debate around California over the merits of rent control and the ability of local lawmakers to address the state’s severe shortage of affordable housing. Less than a month after UC Berkeley economist Kenneth Rosen published a paper arguing, among other things, that rent control policies have worsened the state’s housing shortage, a separate group of [...]

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Beverly Hills Weighs Prop. 10

"The Beverly Hills City Council will decide whether to take a position on Proposition 10, the latest ballot measure to spark debate over housing and affordability throughout the state, at its Sept. 17 study session. Proposition 10, the Local Rent Control Initiative, will appear on the Nov. 6 ballot. If passed, local governments will be [...]

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LA County’s Top 5 Multifamily Investment Sales of August

August was a slow month for multifamily sales, at least on the top end of completed sales. The five largest multifamily sales of the month totaled $81.3 million, less than a third of the $297 million in July and less than the $118 million total in June. None of the top sales in August registered above $30 million. [...]

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Californians: Resist the Rent-Control Temptation

"It’s not hard to understand why 450,000 Californians would sign the initiative to repeal limits on rent control in the state. Of the top 10 most expensive major city rental markets in the United States, four — San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles and Oakland — are in California. The effects are well-known and serious. Those who [...]

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Urban Land Institute to Tackle the Impact of Rent Control on California’s Economy

"The Urban Land Institute Orange County / Inland Empire District (ULI OC/IE) Council will host a panel discussion, on September 7th regarding the impact of Proposition 10, the repeal the Costa Hawkins Act, appearing on the ballot this November. The Costa Hawkins Act (CHA) was enacted in 1995 to limit the ability of municipalities to impose most [...]

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Wall Street Already Jittery About Possible Expansion of Rent Control in California

"The mere possibility that California’s ban on rent control could be repealed is making Wall Street investors and landlords jittery. Earlier this month, analysts from SunTrust downgraded Equity Residential(NYSE: EQR) from "buy" to "hold" based in part on Proposition 10, a California ballot initiative that would give cities more leeway to adopt rent new control policies. [...]

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Landlord Group Gathering Signatures for 2020 Measure to Curb Rent Control

"A landlord-funded campaign that would effectively end Mountain View’s two-year-old rent control program didn’t qualify for the November ballot, but supporters said yesterday (Aug. 22) they’re still fighting to get on the ballot in 2020. The Measure V Too Costly campaign has until mid-October to collect 5,126 valid signatures after it failed to meet that [...]

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Rent Control Harms the People It’s Intended to Help

"If voters across California pass Proposition 10 in November, every homeowner in San Diego with a single-family home, condo or townhouse would be open to local rent control policies. Housing groups are championing the ballot measure, but by repealing the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, a 1995 state law that limits municipalities’ control over rents, Prop. 10 is poised [...]

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