Rent Stabilization Ordinance

Apartment Association Files Lawsuit Against Beverly Hills Over RSO

"Rent stabilization in Beverly Hills, which has led to a contentious debate between landlords and tenants, now faces a legal challenge from a local apartment owner advocacy group. The Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court last week arguing that the city’s rental registry, in which landlords have to [...]

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“Rent Strike” Losing Steam at Burlington Avenue Apartments in Westlake

Media Inquiries: Email: “Rent Strike” Losing Steam at Burlington Avenue Apartments in Westlake Two Tenants Say They Were Deceived by Tenant Activists, Union Organizers, One Quits Strike and Pays Rent   Los Angeles, Calif. (Aug. 16, 2018) —Two tenants have come forward in recent weeks at the Burlington Avenue Apartments, telling apartment managers they were [...]

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Plan to Demolish Rent-Controlled Units for Affordable Housing in Westlake Sparks Backlash

Housing groups are criticizing a developer’s plan to displace dozens of residents from rent-controlled bungalows in the working-class neighborhood of Westlake to make way for a $64-million affordable housing project. Nonprofit developer Abode Communities is seeking to build a 100-unit affordable housing project on Grand View Street, near MacArthur Park. The developer plans to demolish [...]

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Will Stronger Rent Control Spread Across California? Here’s What You Need to Know…

California voters are set to vote this November on an initiative that would allow California cities and counties to adopt stronger rent control laws, which limit how much landlords are allowed to raise rents each year. The Secretary of State's office reported last week that initiative backers have enough valid signatures to qualify it for the Nov. [...]

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L.A. County Supervisors Approve Temporary Rent Control Ordinance for Mobile Homes

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday moved to impose temporary rent caps on mobile homes. The vote comes amid a broader, controversial push to remove barriers to rent control across California in response to rising housing costs. In a 3-1 vote, supervisors approved temporary caps on so-called space rents — the [...]

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Why Rent Control Measure Won’t Help Housing Crisis

"California is in the clutches of a housing crisis, one that is making it more difficult for middle-class families to find a safe, affordable place to live. Unfortunately, Proposition 10 — the ballot measure that repeals the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, including protections for tenants and single-family homeowners — could make the housing crisis worse, [...]

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5,000 Signatures Submitted for Rent Control Referendum

"Activists on Monday, August 6, submitted over 5,000 signatures to place in support of a referendum that would ask voters to lift the ban on rent control in the Logan Square, Rogers Park and Uptown neighborhoods which face rapidly increasing rents that are forcing families and longtime residents out of their apartments. Activists say the [...]

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Businesses and Veterans Campaign Against Rent Control

California’s war of words continues over Proposition 10 and the possibility of expanding rent control in the state, with business interests and veterans of actual wars coming out against the measure. Proposition 10, which will be up for a vote on California’s November ballot, would eliminate the 1995 Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act and grant California cities broad new authority [...]

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Glendale Tenants Union Latest to fail in Collecting Enough Signatures to Get Rent Control on November Ballot

"Another local rent control effort has come up short on the required number of signatures to qualify for the November ballot. On Monday, the Glendale City Clerk deemed 4,000 signatures collected by the Glendale Tenants Union (GTU) “insufficient.” The GTU, which needed 10,529 valid signatures to qualify for the general election, is the latest to [...]

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Rent Control Foes Hire California NAACP Leader After Her Group Opposes Initiative

"The president of the California NAACP has long resisted criticism that she melds the group’s interests with those of her political consulting firm, which takes in large fees for working on campaigns that the civil rights organization backs. Critics say Alice Huffman is doing it again on what is shaping up to be one of [...]

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