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L.A. Landlords Who Let Apartments Sit Vacant Could Be Taxed

There are more than 110,000 empty rental units in Los Angeles. Filling those spaces won't solve the housing and homelessness crises, but some people think it might help chip away at them. L.A. City Councilmember Mike Bonin introduced a motion Tuesday that would tax landlords who leave rentable units vacant. At last count, there were about 111,810 empty housing [...]

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L.A. Council Members Propose Taxing Landlords Who Leave Homes Vacant

Los Angeles City Councilman Mike Bonin speaking at a council meeting in 2018. (Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times) Los Angeles should penalize landlords who keep homes vacant as the city suffers a housing and homelessness crisis, several members of the Los Angeles City Council declared in a proposal unveiled Tuesday. City Councilmen Mike Bonin, [...]

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La Councilmember Proposing Vacancy Tax on Empty Units Amid Housing Crisis

LOS ANGELES - Los Angeles City Councilmember Mike Bonin will propose a vacancy tax Tuesday. The so-called Empty House Penalty would impose a fee on landlords with empty units. The 2010 Census found more than 200,000 housing units in Los Angeles County sitting empty, more than triple the amount needed to house every homeless person [...]

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How California’s Big Plans to Address Housing Affordability Crashed

In a series of dramatic committee hearings and last-minute decisions in Sacramento, three major housing bills were blocked or whittled to a husk. Their demise came at the hands of engaged homeowner activists from predominantly suburban communities, real estate lobbies and after a lack of intervention from Gov. Gavin Newsom and legislative leadership to keep [...]

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Rent Cap Bill Approved in California Assembly

A proposal to place a cap on rent hikes statewide was approved in the California Assembly late Wednesday and will now advance into the Senate—with major changes to appease a powerful group of realtors. The Mercury News reports that “because of an 11th-hour handshake deal” with the California Association of Realtors, the rent caps proposed under Assembly Bill [...]

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California Lawmakers Weaken Plans to Protect Tenants from Big Rent Hikes and Evictions

An effort to temporarily protect California tenants from steep rent hikes cleared a major hurdle in the Legislature on Wednesday, even as other measures meant to insulate renters from the state’s rising housing costs continue to fall short at the Capitol. A bill to cap annual rent hikes statewide at 7% plus inflation cleared the [...]

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Ben Carson Takes AIM at Red Tape Blamed for Soaring Housing Costs

State and local governments are driving up the cost of housing through a web of regulations, industry groups and federal officials say – a situation that’s prompted Housing Secretary Ben Carson to call for new incentives to eliminate the red tape. “Our country is facing serious housing affordability challenges,” Carson said in a statement for this report. “Too [...]

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A $1,800 apartment became a $3,300 corporate rental. Is that bad for housing?

The StayTony Hollywood at Highland is an apartment building that has been adapted to provide some units for corporate and other extended-stay clients. The minimum stay required is 31 days. (Dania Maxwell / Los Angeles Times) Last week, an upstart company started providing furnished apartments for business travelers on Franklin Avenue in Hollywood. Its website [...]

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Report: County Can Reduce Homelessness with Stronger Renter-Protection Laws

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - The lack of a robust rent-control ordinance to control rising housing costs and provide legal protections for tenants is a major factor contributing to Los Angeles County's rising homeless population, according to a report released today. “This report, coupled with the Los Angeles County homeless count, makes clear that our county [...]

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