For $1,500 a Month, California Landlord Rents Studio Apartment to 2 Cats

SAN JOSE — Looking to make some extra cash, David Callisch found the perfect tenants for the $1,500-a-month studio apartment behind his Willow Glen home — a pair of cats. “Basically I’ve got two renters that don’t have opposable thumbs,” Callisch said. “It’s actually great. They’re very quiet, obviously. The only problem is they stick up [...]

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What Do We Want? Homes! When Do We Want Them? Now!

Last week, the Valley Industry and Commerce Association released its list of 2019 Legislative Priorities, which are developed by our board of directors and then voted on by our members. Once again, housing is at the top of our members’ list of concerns. VICA’s top legislative priority for 2019 is to “support the development of [...]

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Prop 10 Defeat Promises Strong Investment Year for L.A. Multifamily

JLL’s new multifamily investment expert Chris Benton is expecting a strong year for Southern California multifamily following to failure of Prop 10. Multifamily investment activity is expected to surge back—not that it really went away—following the defeat of Prop 10 in November. JLL’s Chris Benton, who recently joined the firm as SVP of multifamily investment in the [...]

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South City Eyes Renter Protections

South San Francisco officials eyeing policies designed to protect renters from predatory landlords faced pushback from those who claimed the initiatives would violate their private property rights. The South San Francisco City Council explored establishing a variety of potential renter protections such as requiring relocation assistance, one-year lease minimums and delayed rent increases during a [...]

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Could Anti-Price Gouging Laws Slow Rising Rents?

Amita Sharma/KPBS Crooning in the shower is not Chad Regeczi’s thing. That’s why when he learned last year his monthly rent would go up $300 so the new owners of his La Mesa apartment could upgrade his bathroom with a sound system, he was bemused. “300 bucks!” he said. “I mean an iPod costs less [...]

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Gov. Newsom’s Budget Includes ‘Marshall Plan’ for Affordable Housing

No wonder Gov. Gavin Newsom dropped those hints earlier this week about an upcoming “Marshall Plan” for affordable housing. Sure, he’d made ambitious campaign promises to combat California’s housing crisis: leading the effort to build 3.5 million units over the next seven years (an unprecedented rate), jacking up state subsidies for housing reserved for lower-income [...]

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After Lull, Bay Area Rents Are Rising Again, but Not like Before

After two years of low to negative growth, Bay Area rents picked up steam in 2018, especially in the second half of the year, according to a quarterly survey of large apartment complexes by RealPage, a real estate analytics firm. The average Bay Area asking rent grew 4 percent in the fourth quarter from the [...]

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The Dialogue: What Readers Think About Oregon’s Proposed Rent Control

Last week, WW wrote about a proposed limit on how much landlords can raise rent in Oregon ("Under Control," WW, Jan. 2, 2019). A legislative concept would cap the amount landlords can raise rent at 7 percent a year, plus inflation. If approved, Oregon would become the first U.S. state to legislate rent control. Here's [...]

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