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Slew of State Housing Bills Will Make Little Dent in Santa Monica

March 15, 2019 -- A series of housing bills introduced in the State Assembly Thursday will likely have little impact on Santa Monica's skyrocketing rental market, although one of them could pave the way for a local voter initiative. Of the four bills, the one introduced by Santa Monica Assemblymember Richard Bloom could go before [...]

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Vindictive landlords take it out on tenants

Landlords who drastically raised rents or evicted longtime tenants without cause just before a statewide tenant-protection law took effect might have thought they were making a point about government overreach. But in fact, they merely proved why the law was needed in the first place. That doesn’t help the tenants affected by their landlords’ vindictiveness, [...]

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Coalition of Property Owners Claims That Rent Control Policies a Threat to Affordable Housing

The SHAPE Illinois Coalition held a press conference Wednesday to encourage lawmakers to keep rent control out of the state. Michael Mini, the executive vice president of Chicagoland Apartment Association, said SHAPE Illinois was formed to demonstrate why rent control policies can be problematic. Mini said that SHAPE Illinois opposes three bills that want to [...]

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Rent Control Comes Roaring Back to Life in California

California legislators are trying to revive rent control. This week, state lawmakers introduced a package of new bills that would roll back existing state limits on the policy, and impose new regulations on how much landlords can charge tenants and when they're allowed to kick them out. The bills are light on policy meat [...]

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California Renters Need Relief. That Means Weakening Costa-Hawkins

Over the last few years, California’s elected officials have finally gotten serious about fixing the housing shortage that is eroding the quality of life here. Lawmakers have passed bills to streamline the development of housing in urban areas and to make it harder for cities to block much-needed housing construction. Voters have approved billions [...]

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Editorial: Rent Control Still Can’t Solve California’s Housing Crisis

Proponents of rent control, which is threatening to make a comeback in the California Legislature, often portray the opposition as consisting entirely of landlords and developers. The implication is that the unbridled greed of real estate interests is all that stands in their way. What they omit is the consensus against the policy that persists among experts [...]

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Oakland Isn’t Even Close to Meeting Its Lofty Low-Income Housing Goal

Oakland is on track to surpass its ambitious goal of building 17,000 new homes by 2024, but is falling far short in building affordable housing, city officials said Tuesday, fueling questions about whether the city’s massive building boom will help house its most vulnerable residents. In the three years since Mayor Libby Schaaf set her housing [...]

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