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Why Drug Makers are Opposing Rent Control

"America’s major drug manufacturers are suddenly interested in Californiahousing battles, donating $500,000 to defeat an initiative that could expand rent control. Or maybe it’s personal. Michael Weinstein of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation is the proponent and main funder of Proposition 10, the rent control expansion measure on the November ballot. Apartment owners and real estate [...]

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Oakland Moves Toward Ending Rent Control Exemption

An exemption that frees landlords from rent control is on the way out after the City Council told staff to draft an ordinance ending the practice. Previously, landlords could opt out of rent control if they could show they had made substantial repairs to the property. But affordable housing activists have called it a loophole [...]

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After Years of Dramatic Increases, Rents are Finally Showing Signs of Slowing

After a remarkable run-up in housing costs that has crimped budgets, forced families from their neighborhoods and contributed to homelessness, it appears rent growth is slowing in Southern California and across the nation. Experts attribute the tapering in part to an increase in new apartment buildings that, although not giving tenants the upper hand, is [...]

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California’s “Yimbys”

"Zoning used to be a total snooze. Arguments about building heights and density were the eye-glazing preserve of planning wonks and people whose next-door neighbors were contemplating two-story additions. In 2018, zoning got sexy. The catalyst for the makeover was the fight over Senate Bill 827, introduced in the California legislature by San Francisco’s [...]

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AAGLA Member Spotlight

“She’s like a sister to me,” Brenda White said affectionately. “Some people enter your life for a season, but Norma is family.” Connected for over three decades, Norma Roberts and Brenda White have been members of the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles for almost as long as they have been friends. “When I was [...]

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Commercial Rent Control’s Fundamental Flaws

In the late 1980s Ruth Messinger, who was then on the New York City Council, was pushing a proposal to impose rent controls on commercial space to save small businesses from being pushed out by soaring rents. I called her "the most dangerous woman in New York" in a Crain's editorial opposing her plan. I think my [...]

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Would Prop. 10 Reduce the California’s High Housing Cost? Basic Economics Says No

"Californians will be faced with a dozen voter propositions on Election Day. None is more important than Proposition 10, which would allow local governments to enact rent control laws. The outcome will have a profound effect on California’s housing crisis. Prop 10 would repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act of 1995, which bars local governments [...]

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UC Berkely Report Defends Rent Control in California Cities

"An upcoming ballot measure has renewed debate around California over the merits of rent control and the ability of local lawmakers to address the state’s severe shortage of affordable housing. Less than a month after UC Berkeley economist Kenneth Rosen published a paper arguing, among other things, that rent control policies have worsened the state’s housing shortage, a separate group of [...]

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Why Do So Many Affordable-Housing Advocates Reject the Law of Supply and Demand?

"Housing prices are famously out of control in many cities — the average studio apartment in San Francisco goes for nearly $2,500 a month, more than $2,900 in Manhattan. This trend has inspired a movement called “YIMBY,” for “Yes in My Back Yard.” YIMBYs push for reductions on zoning restrictions to increase the supply of housing, reasoning [...]

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