Joe Patel
Joe PatelVice President/Treasurer
Joe Patel graduated from USC’s Marshall School of Business and spent several years in corporate finance. Currently he is a principal at Nikki Investments LLC which he founded and has managed since 1999. Nikki Investments LLC is a full service real estate and finance company specializing in affordable housing units, SRO hotels, limited service hotels, and subsidized housing projects. Mr. Patel has been an active member of many industry associations including the Los Angeles Hotel Owners Association, Asian American Hotel Owners Association and of course the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles. In addition, he tirelessly supports many civic activities and lobbies for the housing industry.

Mr. Patel is also a member of a number of community organizations and has been involved with many charitable projects including the Midnight Mission in Los Angeles.

Joe enjoys a good round of golf, reading non-fiction and historical fiction, and taking an active role in his local congregation. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and three daughters with whom he travels around the world.