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Portland Ordinance to Protect Renters May Be a Model for Other Cities. but Landlords Are Fighting Back.

The idea seemed simple enough. Last year, Portland passed a law to ease the pain of renters being forced out of their homes or facing large rent hikes. Officials and housing advocates, in particular, were worried about those facing “no-cause” evictions. Such renters aren’t compelled to relocate because they damage property or fail to pay [...]

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Commercial Rent Control Bill Aims to Protect Small Businesses

"The New York City Council proposed a bill aimed at protecting small businesses, which will create a commercial rent control. A common problem many small business owners have is being faced with extreme rent hikes following the expiration of their leases, often forcing them out of business. This policy is the city’s response to soaring [...]

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Feinstein Maintains Robust Lead in California Race

"Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) has seen her advantage in her race against state Sen. Kevin de León chopped in half since July. But she still maintains a commanding, double-digit lead in her bid for a fifth full term, despite being the recent target of bipartisan criticism regarding her handling of sexual assault allegations against Judge [...]

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What a Rent Control Fight in Silicon Valley Could Mean for the Rest of California

A fight over rent control has raged for three years in the Silicon Valley suburb of Mountain View with no end in sight. It began in October 2015, when Mountain View City Council members rejected pleas from tenant activists to limit rent increases. Tenant groups responded with a November 2016 ballot initiative to restrict rent [...]

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Rent Control: What We Can Learn From Berkeley and Santa Monica

"Walk into almost any rent-controlled apartment building in California, and you will likely find new tenants paying twice the price charged to their neighbors who moved in long ago. That wasn’t always the case. In Berkeley and Santa Monica, two liberal cities that 40 years ago pioneered some of the strongest rent control laws in [...]

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California Initiative to Expand Rent Control Faces Big Deficit, New Poll Says

With less than six weeks to go before election day, a ballot initiative to expand rent control in California is falling far short of passage, according to a new poll. Proposition 10, which would allow cities and counties across the state to implement robust new rent stabilization efforts, has support from 36% of likely voters, with 48% [...]

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California Rent Control Ballot Measure Lagging, New Poll Finds

A November ballot initiative that would allow cities to enact strong rent control across California is widely unpopular, even among renters, according to a new Public Policy Institute of California poll. Roughly half of likely voters — 48 percent — oppose Proposition 10, according to the poll — the first conducted on the measure. Just [...]

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Calls for London to be Rent Controlled City

Save our Square (SOS), a group fighting high rise tower blocks in Walthamstow, say high rents mean working class people are being “pushed out” of their homes. Figures released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) revealed homes in London will need to increase by a quarter within 25 years to cope with population increases. [...]

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Glendale Mayor Now Says He Supports Rent Control

"Glendale mayor Zareh Sinanyan announced his support for rent control during a council meeting on Tuesday, unexpectedly reversing his previous position during the last election cycle opposing it. “What prompted it is just the dire nature of the situation,” Sinanyan said in a follow-up interview. “Rents are out of control, going up, and there appears [...]

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