Culver City

Costa-Hawkins Under Attack!!!

A declaration of intent to gather signatures for a ballot initiative to repeal Costa-Hawkins has been submitted to the State of California.

City of Los Angeles EBEWE Ordinance Update

The LA City Council has officially extended the Ordinance reporting deadline for buildings 100,000 SF or greater to December 1, 2017, providing building owners with additional time to comply.

County Report Released

As you may know, in May of this year the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors introduced a motion requesting for a report back to analyze the private rental market

Solar as a Sound Investment

Owners and managers of multifamily buildings looking for ways to maximize the value of their properties are continuing to discover the many benefits of solar energy.

L.A. Linkage Fee To Be Reconsidered

On Tuesday, August 22nd the LA City Council will reconsider its proposed linkage fee ordinance. AAGLA members will be in attendance to oppose the fee and we encourage any member

New Waste Hauling Franchise Moving Forward?

We have heard repeatedly about enormous increases multifamily operators are facing regarding the new franchise waste program in the City of LA. If you have received a new invoice which is significantly higher,

Thank You For Joining Us!

It was a fantastic 10th annual State Legislative Breakfast! Members from across Ventura, San Bernardino and Los Angeles got to mingle and hear from state legislators from