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We Need Common-Sense Solutions to Fix Housing Crisis, Not Rent Control

"Sacramento faces a serious affordable housing problem. The Bee editorial board calls on the mayor, city council, developers and SEIU-backed tenants’ organizations to set aside their differences and forge a compromise that takes aggressive action (The mayor has a plan to fix the housing crisis. Now he needs help, Editorials, July 16). We agree. That’s [...]

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The Rising Politics of (Too Damn High) Rent

"Eight years ago, a New York resident and long-shot gubernatorial candidate named Jimmy McMillan became briefly, rightfully famous on the internet and the late-night talk-show circuit, and not just because of his immaculate facial hair. “The rent is too damn high,” his campaign slogan, inspired memes and a now-defunct political party, but it didn’t [...]

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VICA Condemns Rent Control Proposition

"Valley Industry and Commerce Association President Stuart Waldman has joined business leaders in Sacramento to oppose a state proposition that could pave the way for stronger rent control laws in cities throughout California. Proposition 10, which will be on the ballot in November, would repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act to give local governments full [...]

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Judge Hands Hollywood Developer a Win, Backing a Plan for Two Residential Towers

"A judge has rejected a bid by the nonprofit AIDS Healthcare Foundation to block the construction of two residential towers next to the group’s Hollywood headquarters, handing a victory to the city of Los Angeles and the project’s developer. In her 18-page ruling, Superior Court Judge Amy D. Hogue said city officials followed the [...]

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Real Estate Expert Talks About Potential Impact of Rent Control

"A statewide rent control initiative is headed to the Nov. 6 ballot. If passed, it would repeal a 1995 law that limits local governments’ ability to slow rent hikes. If Proposition 10 — the “Local Rent Control Initiative” — is passed, local lawmakers would still have to approve rent control initiatives for cities like San Diego [...]

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Groups are teaming up against a proposed rent control measure in California

By Michael Finney Wednesday, July 11, 2018 05:29PM Rent control measure Groups are joining together to fight against a rent control ballot proposition. California builders are partnering with the California NAACP against Proposition 10, which would allow California cities to expand rent control. Currently, properties built after 1995 are exempt. Prop. 10 would do away [...]

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David Terrazas: Why I Can’t Support Santa Cruz’s Rent Control Ballot Measure

"I do not support the proposed ballot measure for rent control in the City of Santa Cruz because it’s the wrong solution to a critical problem. Here’s why: Past generations of Santa Cruzans built a beautiful downtown, created neighborhoods, constructed roads and parks, and of course the homes where countless families have thrived over the [...]

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Rent Control Isn’t the Answer to Our Housing…

"In response to rising housing costs, activists across Southern California have pushed for rent control. Efforts have been made this year in cities like Inglewood, Long Beach, Pasadena and Pomona to put rent control measures on the ballot. After all, what could a more straightforward way of dealing with rising housing costs than having the [...]

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Letter: Rent Control Proposal Was Reason to Sell Townhouse

"Dear City Council Members, Due to your predetermined decision regarding rent control, I just sold my townhouse which I’ve rented for about 30 years. I always undercharged and had one tenant for 19 years. The small landlord doesn’t have a prayer against the 33-page rent control conglomeration you’ve crafted from various cities state-wide. I refuse [...]

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California Rent Controls: Good Intentions with Disastrous Consequences

"The challenges of providing affordable housing are most pronounced in large coastal cities, where healthy economies have pushed housing from the demand side. At the same time, political activism (NIMBY’s for Not in My Back Yard), has spurred development challenges and hurdles, such as excessive parking requirements, maximum height limits and development fees that are [...]

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