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AAGLA Sends Its Sympathies and Well Wishes to All Those Affected by the Recent Fires

The Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles sends its sympathies and well wishes to all of those affected by the recent, devastating fires. We also thank all of our first responders and the many volunteers that have so quickly responded and come to the aid of so many. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of [...]

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Arsonists Torch Office for Acce Rent Control Activists

A Chula Vista office for Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, a community organizing group closely involved with statewide and local recent recent control initiatives was torched early Saturday morning. Police have confirmed the fire was a deliberate targeted attack. The fact that the arsonist(s) removed the organization’s bright yellow tee shirts from the building [...]

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Commercial Rent Control Bill Aims to Protect Small Businesses

"The New York City Council proposed a bill aimed at protecting small businesses, which will create a commercial rent control. A common problem many small business owners have is being faced with extreme rent hikes following the expiration of their leases, often forcing them out of business. This policy is the city’s response to soaring [...]

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The Ups and Downs of California’s Ballot Measure Votes

"Californians overall made sensible, or at least understandable, decisions with the various ballot measures presented to them this Election Day. Among the better calls made by California voters was the resounding rejection of Proposition 10. Prop. 10 called for the repeal of the 1995 Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act, which limits the ability of local [...]

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Local Victories Power California Tenant Movement, Despite Prop. 10 Loss

"Proposition 10, the proposed initiative to repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, was stymied at the state ballot Tuesday thanks to an unprecedented $74 million in real estate industry opposition money, but there were also victories for rent control at local ballots across California. In Oakland, voters approved Measure Y to close eviction loopholes, a [...]

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They Thought a No Vote Was for Rent Control – What Happened to Prop 10?

"Everyone in California wanted rent control, it seemed. The conventional wisdom was that the housing crisis in California had walloped the voters enough that the concept of returning some form of rent regulation was finally pliable. Prop 10, which would have opened the door for that to happen, should have easily won a majority of “Yes” votes. [...]

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Big Wins for Affordable Housing in the November 2018 Election

"Tuesday’s election was a victory for affordable housing at the state and local ballot. With state Propositions 1 and 2, cities across California will see new funding for affordable housing. Prop C, once implemented, will finally create a dedicated source of funding for affordable housing in San Francisco. It contributes $150 million annually for permanent [...]

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By Voting Against Prop. 10, Californians Failed Themselves

"California voters enacted important change in this recent midterm election. They voted to sustain road repair and transportation funding. They voted to abolish an antiquated, unnecessary daylight saving system. But in failing to vote in favor of Proposition 10, they really dropped the ball. Prop. 10 aimed to repeal the Costa–Hawkins Rental Housing Act — a repeal [...]

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California Voters Rejected Prop 10, but Rent Control Advocates Say Fight Isn’t Over

The resounding defeat of Proposition 10 has hardly silenced the debate over solutions to California’s housing crisis. But voters’ rejection of the measure says that rent control probably won’t be part of that discussion right now. On Tuesday, nearly 62 percent of California voters voted against Prop 10, a measure to lift restrictions on rent [...]

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The Defeat of Proposition 10 Can’t Be the End of the Discussion on Rent Control

"Some of the nation’s largest landlords spent handsomely to defeat Proposition 10, which would have allowed California cities to expand their rent control laws. Opponents spent $80 million — three times what proponents spent — to fight the ballot measure, with much of the money coming from large real estate companies with large apartment portfolios [...]

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