Landlords Say State Rent Caps May Force Them to Raise Rents More Frequently

Prominent landlord attorney Dennis Block stood before a crowd of more than 200 at an apartment owners trade show in Pasadena and, to laughs, boasted of having evicted “more tenants than anybody else on the planet Earth.” Block said he was proud to enforce what he said America was built on: property rights. He [...]

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AOC Pushes National Rent Control, Welfare for Illegal Immigrants in Latest Massive Proposal

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., is promoting a new package of left-wing economic policies, including national rent control and expanding welfare to illegal immigrants across the country, as part of a massive new proposal aiming to achieve a “just society.” The freshman lawmaker, who champions the multi-trillion-dollar Green New Deal proposal to combat economic inequality and climate change, has now [...]

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Place Life over Wealth’: Mountain View Tenants Rise up to Save Vanishing Rent-Controlled Units

They’ve shared meals over their dinner tables, enjoyed spirited conversations in their front yards and celebrated quinceaneras on their street — Gamel Way, a cul de sac in Mountain View that many of them have called home for years. But on one recent night, two dozen or so of these neighbors who have become [...]

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Ocasio-Cortez: “a Just Society” Means – Rent Control and Welfare for All Illegals in America

Solving economic injustice is the next objective for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). She has now come up with a new package of left-wing economic policies, including national rent control and expanding welfare to illegal immigrants across the country. “A just society provides a living wage, safe working conditions, and healthcare. A just society acknowledges [...]

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Backyard Shed Listed for $1,050 a Month Sparks Anger Among Renters and Tenants

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A listing posted online advertises a 200-square-foot studio for $1,050 a month. The shed is located in the backyard of a home on Oregon St. in North Park. The asking price is about $300 per month less than a typical North Park studio. However, renters in the area are reacting with surprise and [...]

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Despite Legislative Fix, Rent Increase Loopholes Persist

Backed by the Board of Supervisors, tenant advocates are pushing for a rent control loophole to be fully closed — one meant for individual landlords but which only corporate landlords are taking advantage of. Previously, property owners could legally substantially raise rents in rent-controlled  housing through “operational and maintenance pass-throughs,” known as O&M’s, to offset debt [...]

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Mpls. Council Panel Favors Study of Rent-Controlled Housing in the City

Minneapolis city officials are considering capping the amount of money landlords can charge their tenants. Rent control ordinances have long been on the books in places such as New York and San Francisco. The idea is gaining traction in smaller cities as high demand for rental housing squeezes the supply, but supporters of rent control face some [...]

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Rent Reform: What Investors Need to Know

Rent reform is one of the top issues facing states right now and it has a big impact on both small landlords and institutional investors. Oregon led the charge, but California and New York have also created new rent control rules this year. Other states -- including Illinois, which banned rent control in 1997 -- are [...]

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Apartment Demand from High-Income Renters Surging, Creating an Amenities ARMS Race

Apartment construction was expected to peak in 2016/2017 according to many industry watchers and participants, but evidently the market didn’t get the memo. It seemed like the boom in rental apartment buildings was ending when a slug of new apartment deliveries began to put pressure on rents and occupancies three years back, but the [...]

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Ming, the Bengal Tiger Raised in a Harlem Apartment, Has Died

Antoine Yates’s neighbors took notice of the exotic little pet he brought back one day to his Harlem housing project 20 years ago. “I remember him bringing home this little tiger cub,” Jerome Applewhite, a former neighbor, recalled in an interview on Monday. “When he told me what it was, I knew it was [...]

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