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Should People Profit from Housing? Bernie Sanders Says Yes, and No

Bernie Sanders has gone much further than any of the other 2020 Democratic presidential candidates in proposing not just more money for affordable housing, or more enforcement of fair-housing laws, but also fundamental changes in how the housing market functions. His most startling ideas — a national rent control standard, and new taxes on land speculation and [...]

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Higher Rent Cap Shot down by Council

The Mountain View City Council hammered out a list of proposed updates intended to add flexibility to the city's rent control program, but the talks fell apart when it came to allowing higher rent increases. At its meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 17, the full City Council got its first opportunity to weigh in on [...]

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Facebook Twitter Email What They’re Saying About California’s New Rent Gouging Bill

Annual rent increases in California apartment buildings will be capped under a new law passed by state lawmakers last week. The bill, which limits yearly rent increases to 5 percent plus inflation, or a maximum of 10 percent, was approved about a year after California voters rejected a ballot measure that would have allowed [...]

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Key Affordable Housing Proposal Advances

LOS ANGELES (September 18, 2019) – The Los Angeles City Council voted today to advance a proposal that would charge a fee to landlords who are driving up the cost of housing in Los Angeles by keeping habitable housing units empty for investment purposes. In a unanimous vote, the city council acted on legislation introduced [...]

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Price Controls Attack the Freedom of Speech

We increasingly live in a new “dark age” of economic ignorance, and even stupidity. Few things exemplify this trend as much as the call for price controls over the interactions of multitudes of people in the marketplace of supply and demand. There are few government interventionist policies as likely to disrupt, distort, and imbalance [...]

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Evicted Manchester Mom Living in Hotel, Still Looking for Apartment

MANCHESTER — A Manchester woman evicted last week said she’s moved into a local hotel, an option she had dreaded because the hotel bill will draw down money she saved for an apartment. Janet Belanger said she has spent three nights at the Econo Lodge with her two adult sons at a cost of [...]

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Holocaust Survivor, 87, Who Faced Eviction in California to Keep His Home

An 87-year-old Holocaust survivor fighting eviction in California will get to stay in his longtime home after outrage about his case prompted lawmakers to implement new tenant protections. Musiy Rishin, who narrowly escaped the Nazis’ massacre of Jews in Ukraine in 1941, spoke to the Guardian in August about his landlord’s protracted battle to kick him out of [...]

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More Apartments Can Lower Rents. Here Are the California Places Building Them

Rent is rising fast in many California cities, leading the state Legislature this month to approve a new, comprehensive rent control measure. Sacramento’s own ordinance was approved just last month. One possible way to bring rents down is to build more high-density, multifamily housing, economists and urban planners say. The logic is simple: Put more housing [...]

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California Passes Rent Cap Bill; What This Means for Tenants and Landlords in Kern County

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — The state of California recently passed AB 1482, a rent control bill intended to help ease the housing crisis across the state. Under the new law, landlord s will only be able to raise the rent for an existing tenant by five percent after inflation, annually for a ten year period. [...]

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Too Much Rent Control Is Asking for Trouble

For years, thriving cities in coastal regions of the U.S. have become increasingly expensive to live in. As cities such as San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles and Seattle became more attractive, thanks to booming knowledge industries and falling crime, rents soared (see chart). And for almost as long, people have been hotly [...]

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