Supporters unite in last-chance effort to save California’s most controversial housing bill

In a last-ditch attempt to save the year’s most controversial housing measure, supporters of a stalled bill to overhaul California’s zoning rules are pressuring the state Senate leader to resurrect the legislation. After the Appropriations Committee last week killed Senate Bill 50 for the year, the measure’s backers have come out in force, calling for the [...]

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California’s Big Housing Bill Tanked. Newsom Is Partly to Blame

Big and bold ideas often bomb out in the Legislature. And the biggest bill of this young session — a proposal to spur high-density housing — just blew up. Our democratic system of frustrating checks and balances isn’t designed for quick fixes. It fosters incrementalism. That can be agonizing. But more often than not, it [...]

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Poll by Rent Control, “Just” Evictions Advocates Claims Majority of Pasadenans Support Both

Advocacy group Pasadenans Organizing for Progress on Wednesday issued the results of a poll it said showed 69% of Pasadena voters would support a rent control ordinance in Pasadena. At the same time, the group said its poll showed an even larger number of voters – 82% – would support a law preventing landlords from [...]

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Oakland Scraps Rent Control Exemption for Owner-Occupied Duplexes

OAKLAND — Owner-occupied duplexes and triplexes will no longer be exempt from Oakland’s rent control and tenant protection laws. City Council members voted early Wednesday morning to end the exemption, which tenants rights’ activists called a “loophole” often abused to drive up longtime tenants’ rents or force them out. Council members Rebecca Kaplan, Sheng Thao, [...]

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102-Year-Old Widow to Be Evicted for Landlord’s Daughter

LADERA HEIGHTS, CA — A 102-year-old woman faces eviction from her Ladera Heights home next month so her landlord can move in his daughter, a recent law school graduate. Friends are rallying around Thelma Smith, a spry widow, who lost most of her family. However, she has few options left as the deadline for her [...]

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Legislators Announce Amendments to Tenant Protection Bills

Sacramento, CA—Assemblymembers David Chiu (D-San Francisco), Rob Bonta (D-Oakland), and Timothy Grayson (D-Concord) announced amendments today to two high profile tenant protection measures. Assembly Bill 1482, which prevents rent gouging, will now include a ten-year sunset provision and exempt new construction of up to ten years old. Assembly Bill 1481 regarding just cause evictions, will now [...]

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Local Tenants’ Rights Groups Coalesce for New Rent Control, Eviction Protections Ballot Initiative

Five area tenants’ rights organizations have formed a coalition to get behind a rent control and eviction protections ballot initiative for the November 2020 general election. The Pasadena Tenant Justice Coalition (PTJC) is launching a signature drive to ballot a voters initiative restricting rent increases to the rate of inflation, and restricting the ability of [...]

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How Rent Control Reduces the Affordable Supply

Rent control is often considered by some state and local government officials as a means to create more affordable housing by limiting the amount a property owner can charge for renting out a home, apartment, or other type of real estate. As rental rates rise, demand for apartments increases and Americans see a larger portion [...]

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‘We Just Haven’t Kept with the Pace of Housing Needs’ – Homelessness in Contra Costa on the Rise

Despite the nation’s robust economy and low unemployment rate, Contra Costa County’s homeless population rose a startling 43 percent from two years ago, according to new county data released Monday. “A lot of it is really our housing crisis, we just haven’t kept with the pace of housing needs,” said Lavonna Martin, director of the [...]

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California’s Statewide Rent-Cap Proposal Gets Two Key Changes

SACRAMENTO — A closely-watched bill that would ban steep rent hikes throughout California has been softened — slightly — in effort to win over skeptics as a legislative deadline looms. The law would sunset after 10 years, and it would no longer apply to properties built within the past decade, a rolling exemption that would end once [...]

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