Why Rent Control Measure Won’t Help Housing Crisis

"California is in the clutches of a housing crisis, one that is making it more difficult for middle-class families to find a safe, affordable place to live. Unfortunately, Proposition 10 — the ballot measure that repeals the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, including protections for tenants and single-family homeowners — could make the housing crisis worse, [...]

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5,000 Signatures Submitted for Rent Control Referendum

"Activists on Monday, August 6, submitted over 5,000 signatures to place in support of a referendum that would ask voters to lift the ban on rent control in the Logan Square, Rogers Park and Uptown neighborhoods which face rapidly increasing rents that are forcing families and longtime residents out of their apartments. Activists say the [...]

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Rent Control Foes Hire California NAACP Leader After Her Group Opposes Initiative

"The president of the California NAACP has long resisted criticism that she melds the group’s interests with those of her political consulting firm, which takes in large fees for working on campaigns that the civil rights organization backs. Critics say Alice Huffman is doing it again on what is shaping up to be one of [...]

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Real Estate Firms Dig Deep to Fund Fight Against Rent Control

"In the fight against rent control, real estate firms are not holding back. Opponents of the Proposition 10 measure have contributed over $21 million to fight a November ballot measure that could expand rent control across California, Curbed reported. Western National Group, an Irvine-based real estate investment firm, contributed over $3.7 million. Essex Property Trust, [...]

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Costa Hawkins, California’s Rent Control Law, Explained

"Supporters of a state ballot initiative to expand rent control options for cities across California announced Monday they had gathered enough signatures to qualify the measure for the November 2018 ballot. If passed, the measure would repeal the 1995 Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act, which sets limits on the kind of rent control policies cities are [...]

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Proposition 10 and the Housing Freeze

"Fasten your seat belts, ladies and gentlemen. The rent control fight of our time is upon us. Only this time, the fight will have lasting effects on residents statewide. After several unsuccessful attempts by the state Legislature to repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act — the landmark legislation protecting the rights of property owners against [...]

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Rent Control Campaign Increases Funds Sixfold in One Day

"Last Friday, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) announced a $10 million donation to the primary yes on Proposition 10 campaign, almost five times as much money as the Coalition for Affordable Housing had previously raised all year. In a press release, AHF President Michael Weinstein said, “We know we will be significantly outspent by [...]

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Housing in Sweden: An Overview

"With the Lindbäcks delegation’s recent visit to the University of California, Berkeley during the week of October 16, 2017, this memo provides background information on the Swedish housing system and how it compares to the American context. Despite foundational differences in approach, the United States and Swedish housing systems share many key challenges with much [...]

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Kamala Harris’s Rent Subsidy Would Help Landlords, Not Renters

"Senator Kamala Harris (D., Calif.) has proposed a subsidy for renters, responding no doubt to the skyrocketing rents in the Bay Area. The sheer cost of living there has made it difficult for companies to attract talent; indeed, rents in faraway suburbs are priced like downtown rents elsewhere. This is a very real problem, and [...]

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L.A. County Considers Temporary Rent Stabilization Ordinance for Unincorporated Areas

"Citing a severe deficit of affordable housing, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors will consider adopting a temporary rent stabilization program for unincorporated communities under its land use authority at its meeting on July 31. The motion, which comes from Supervisors Sheila Kuehl and Hilda Solis, would instruct county staff to return to the Board within [...]

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