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Landlords Are Gouging Rent to Defeat Rent Control

Southern California landlords are currently on edge with concerns that their property may lose value if California decides to implement statewide rent control. Landlords in the southland with below market rates have been raising prices before more rent control laws kick in. AB 1482, the “anti-rent gouging bill”, has already passed the Assembly and now [...]

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California Senate Considering Rent Control Measure

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KABC) -- The California state Senate is considering a measure that would limit rent hikes. The Assembly earlier approved the bill that would cap rent hikes to 7%, plus the rate of inflation, up to a maximum of 10 % per year. The measure would apply to all rentals 10 years or [...]

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Commentary: Illinois should resist the rent control temptation

Rent control — barred in Illinois since the 1997 Rent Control Preemption Act became law — is once again in vogue. Two repeal and replace bills have been proposed in the state legislature, including one that calls for the election of a half-dozen “regional rent control boards” across the state. It’s an understandable but deeply misguided bureaucratic temptation [...]

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Rent costs in Los Angeles, Orange counties at 5.8%, biggest rise since 2005

The cost of renting in Los Angeles and Orange counties rose at the fastest pace in 14 years, according to the Consumer Price Index. L.A.-O.C. rents rose at a 5.8% annual rate last month — same as June and the highest for a July since 2005, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. [...]

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State Housing Reform Has Unintended Consequence on Hamptons Summer Rentals

By Brendan J. O’Reilly A major reform to New York State housing law, enacted by the State Legislature in June and signed by the governor, has had an unintended consequence on the Hamptons summer rental market — and a fix in time for the summer of 2020 still could be months away. The Housing [...]

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Housing Crisis Looms While Lawmakers Drag Their Feet

Despite signs that home prices may be stabilizing, California still faces a severe housing crisis. Throughout the United States, 55 percent of households can afford to buy a median-priced home. In California, that number has fallen to 30 percent. High prices have taken their toll on the rental market also, which is fueling mistaken calls for statewide rent [...]

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Housing Market in California Far from Golden

The Orange County Register reports that although home prices in California may be stabilizing, the Golden State faces a “severe housing crisis.” According to the report, just 30% of households can afford to buy a median-priced house, which is far below the national rate of 55%. “High prices have taken their toll on the rental market [...]

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Bay Area Renters Could See Relief from Sky-High Prices

According to the latest report from Rent Cafe, an apartment search site, just three out of 44 cities in the region saw month-over-month growth of more than one percent. All are located in the East Bay. In Oakland, rents rose 1.9 percent to $2,854 this summer, and rents are now above $2,000 in Pleasant Hill [...]

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Tenant Protection Proposals and Ordinances in Southern California

AB 1482: Would cap rent increases in California at 7% plus inflation, up to a maximum of 10% a year, on all rental housing that’s at least 10 years old, including single-family homes if the owner owns more than 10 rentals. Rental Affordability Act: This proposed 2020 state ballot initiative seeks to narrow limits on local [...]

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