The Evidence Against Rent Control

Rent control is returning to some communities. But evidence suggests there are better ways to keep low-income people housed. How can Americans make housing more affordable? In many places, housing prices are rising much more rapidly than wages. The market is bad enough to revive movements for rent control. For decades, of course, some cities [...]

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East Bay Critics Blast Area Emergency Housing Plan

ORINDA — More than 120 people at a town hall meeting Thursday night heard criticism of Bay Area emergency policies to address the housing crisis — known as the CASA Compact — that speakers maintained could lead to higher-density housing structures, alter the city’s population and semi-rural character, and take local control out of the [...]

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Affordable in Name Only: Oregon’s Housing Problem

Those wacky people in Oregon are doing everything they can to make housing less affordable: "We want you to visit our state," said one of Oregon's most famous governors, "but for heaven's sake, don't move here." A law that passed when he was in office limited urban growth to less than 1.5 percent of the state, [...]

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Ethan Blevins: Beware the False Promise of Rent Control

Rent control does not work. That’s one of the most settled issues in economics, one widely accepted across the ideological spectrum. Yet politicians continue to peddle rent control with a seemingly willful ignorance. Oregon is the most recent state to embrace the rent control orthodoxy. The day after rent control prevailed in Oregon, marchers took to the streets [...]

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In Berlin, a Radical Proposal to Combat Rising Rents: Expropriate Big Landlords

If Rouzbeh Taheri has his way, Berlin’s government will seize apartments from major landlords. On Saturday, the tenant advocate and his allies plan to start collecting signatures for a ballot proposal that would push the city to expropriate all private, profit-seeking landlords that own more than 3,000 apartments. And this isn’t the only proposal targeting [...]

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Supporters of Rent Control Hit Roadblock in Springfield, but Vow to Keep up Fight Against ‘Powerful’ Real Estate Lobby

DOWNTOWN — Despite high hopes fueled by the election of a supportive governor and Democratic supermajorities in the Illinois House and Senate, supporters of the push to lift the ban on rent control in Illinois are regrouping after a significant setback. HB 255, authored by state Rep. Will Guzzardi (D-Chicago), which would repeal Illinois’ 22-year-old Rent Control [...]

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‘Rent Control on Trial’: Court to Look at El Monte Law’s Motives

Did El Monte officials have a good reason to impose rent control on smaller mobile home parks? That’s the question at the center of a lawsuit that was jolted back to life by a state appeals court last week. At issue is a 2015 law approved by the City Council that restricts annual rent increases at all [...]

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Poll Underscores California’s Housing Crisis

Two months ago, when the Public Policy Institute of California asked the state’s residents to name the top issues that newly inaugurated Gov. Gavin Newsom and the Legislature should address, immigration was No. 1. Jobs and environmental issues followed, with “homelessness” a distant fourth, cited by just 6 percent of those surveyed. PPIC released its latest [...]

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My Take on Rent Control

Free enterprise or controlled enterprise? Rent control has always seemed to me to be bad for America’s free enterprise system. When you remove the word “free,” then the word “control” can be almost automatic. I recently learned that the state of Oregon has passed a new statewide rent control system. Its House of Representatives, controlled by [...]

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Why Doesn’t Philadelphia Have Rent Control like Many Other Big Cities?

Lifelong Philadelphian Mary Hutchins hasn’t spent much time outside the city. Her longest departure was when she visited her daughter last year in Houston, Texas. Just shy of a half-year, her trip was long enough to get some perspective on Philly’s rapidly rising housing costs. When she returned and began to look for a new [...]

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