Here are just a few reasons why AAGLA’s applicant screening partner The Screening Pro’s is your best solution

Nationwide Eviction Search

The Screening Pro’s proprietary search logic increases your matched cases. It’s not how much data you have; it’s what you do with the data that makes you stronger!

National Criminal Records Search

Instant criminal reports are plagued with false positives or no-records due to data inconstancies. All possible criminal records are view by trained staff to identify if that criminal record is truly your applicant.

All national criminal searches also include:

  • National Sex offender search
  • DEA fugitives
  • OFAC
  • FBI fugitives
  • Security watch list
  • Interpol
  • ATF most wanted
  • Terrorism knowledge base

Consumer Credit Reports

Choose between Experian, TrainsUnion, or both. Credit reports are all in an easy read format for your convenience.

All credit reports include:

  • Address and employment verification
  • Credit data summary
  • Civil judgments
  • Fraud, consumer and FACTA alerts
  • Available credit
  • All recent inquiries
  • SSN verification
  • Full trade line data
  • Public records
  • Collections

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