Membership Refunds

AAGLA reserves the right to refuse or cancel your membership in its sole discretion. If we refuse your new or renewal membership for reasons other than violations of our Bylaws, you will be offered a refund. You may review our Bylaws here. Any and all refunds are subject to our policies contained herein.

Member Initiated Cancellations

We make every effort to ensure satisfaction your membership investment. Refunds are provided within three (3) business following receipt of payment less a $50.00 cancellation fee for a new or renewing member, with the following conditions:

  • If you or any individual or entity associated with the membership has either downloaded, accessed, or viewed any available online forms, taken training online via, has accessed the National Apartment Association’s Blue Moon “Click and Lease” program or has contacted AAGLA for operational advice, no refund will be made.
  • If you or any individual or entity tied to the membership has not downloaded, / accessed, or /viewed any of our available online forms, courses, or taken training online via, has accessed the National Apartment Association’s Blue Moon “Click and Lease” program or has contacted us AAGLA for operational advice, a refund will be made less a $50.00 administrative fee.

After three (3) business days, no refunds will be made available for new or renewal membership purchases. Requests for membership fee refunds must be emailed to or sent via overnight courier to AAGLA, 621 South Westmoreland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90005; Attn. Credit and Collections. Your membership can be cancelled at any time by requesting such cancellation in an email to Any membership cancellations that take place more than three (3) business days after purchase or renewal will not be refunded, however all membership-related benefits will be cancelled.

Merchandise Refunds

Refunds for purchases of merchandise or products in AAGLA’s online store if requested by email to prior to shipment of purchased materials. Errors in shipping (e.g., shipped to incorrect address or wrong merchandise) will be refunded upon return of incorrectly shipped merchandise.

Event / Seminar Refunds

Once enrolled, there are no refunds on purchases of webinars, events, and seminars. If the webinar, event, or seminar is cancelled or the date is changed, a full refund will be offered.

The above policies apply to all AAGLA membership types unless otherwise described in AAGLA’s membership or event materials. Please read all information thoroughly.

Non-Sufficient Funds and Declined Credit Card Policy

Check or electronic check payments returned for non-sufficient funds, stop payment requests, declined credit cards or a closed account will result in:

  • A $35.00 Returned Check Fee (check or electronic check payment only)
  • Suspension or cancellation of membership at the discretion of AAGLA
  • A $15.00 membership reinstatement fee for cancelled membership once reinstated

Saved Payment/Member Auto-Renewal Policy and Process

AAGLA will only enable members to save payment information and/or establish auto-renewals for membership purchases in the following ways:

  • Telephone [Credit Card Only]. Staff confirms verbally that customer wants to save payment / setup auto-renewal information in our system, communicating that it is secure and no-account information is stored by AAGLA. An AAGLA staff person will document with an activity note in the AAGLA’s information management system (tied to the customer account) that the customer requested payment information / auto-renewal over the phone, documenting the date, time and any other pertinent details.
  • Electronic [Credit Card and eCheck]. AAGLA’s Association Management System, WebLink, works with to provide a secure method of storing electronic check and credit card information and allowing setup of auto-renewals. No account information is stored locally by AAGLA or WebLink, and members will be able to access, add, change or remove their Saved Payment Methods / Auto-renewal settings anytime via AAGLA’s Membership Portal.

New Member Information

New Member’s “Membership Name” may be published and you authorize us to publish in one issue of AAGLA’s Apartment Age magazine in the section “Welcome New Members” sometime after joining.

Revised April 27, 2020