ACTION ALERT- Please Defend Owner’s Rights to the Santa Monica Rental Control Board This Week

The Santa Monica Rent Control Board will again review the issues of whether to eliminate vacancy de-control when/if Costa-Hawkins is repealed (Item 12A) and whether to eliminate or cap the amount of surcharges that an owner of rent controlled units is able to pass through to existing tenants (Item 11A) (see agenda). The Rent Control Board (RCB) discussed these issues at its last meeting in March and directed staff to come back with additional information and recommendations.

Vacancy control means that you can no longer increase your rent to going market rate when your tenant leaves.  Instead, rent will permanently stay at the rent controlled price determined by the RCB and increased only in an amount approved by them each year.

If the proposed “cap” or limitation is adopted on the amount of surcharges that can be passed through to tenants, you will be fully responsible for and required to pay the amount in excess of the pass-through.  This will be extremely costly to apartment owners.

AAGLA encourages its members in Santa Monica to attend this April 12th meeting and again voice their opposition to the elimination of vacancy de-control  and the elimination any reduction in surcharge pass throughs.  In addition, we encourage our members to share their personal stories of how passage of either item would negatively affect their business, family and/or retirement.

If you can, please attend: Rent Control Board Meeting on Thursday, April 12th at 7:00 pm, City Hall, Council Chamber, 1685 Main Street, Santa Monica

And please help us by customizing and sending the email below to the Santa Monica Rent Control Board:

Santa Monica RCB