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Californians will make a big decision on rent control in November

"California voters will decide in November whether to give cities and counties new freedom to expand the use of rent control after an initiative backed by tenant groups earned a spot Friday on this fall’s ballot. The initiative would repeal a decades-old state law that prevents local governments from passing most new rent control laws."   Click here to continue reading

June 18th, 2018|

One Possible Way To Resolve Rent Control Debate — Allowing Short-Term Rentals

"Could allowing tenants to rent out their apartments by the day or week help solve the problem of affordability, particularly as the state mulls the repeal of Costa-Hawkins, California's law that limits rent control? Pillow co-founder and CEO Sean Conway believes so." Click here to continue reading

June 15th, 2018|

Los Angeles Coalition Offers Sage Advice to LA County Tenant Protections Working GroupProperty owners given limited ability to join the conversation about rental housing issues

"The Los Angeles Coalition for Responsible Housing Solutions, an association of housing and property experts from across Los Angeles County, will provide public testimony before the Los Angeles County Tenant Protections Working Group on Wednesday at 8 AM. Thus far, the conversation surrounding tenant protections and rent stabilization has been driven without substantial input from property owners. The working group has agreed to allow some discussion on the policies proposed, but it is unclear if the working group will allow full participation at any point." Click here to continue reading

June 14th, 2018|



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