Some Chicago Tenants Demand Rent Control

October 19th, 2018|

"Supporters of a proposal to lift the state's ban on rent control hosted a community meeting in Rogers Park Thursday night. One senior named Donna said she is worried about losing her apartment because her building is for sale. “The new owners may raise the rent, and if they raise the [...]

Building More Apartments Won’t Reduce the Rent, Says Rent Control Group

October 19th, 2018|

"Housing and rent are too high in big cities. That means we need to get rid of antiquated zoning statutes and build, build, build. But wait: The Federal Reserve recently determined that increases in supply won’t automatically reduce rents. New York City’s former planning director said the “more housing” theory didn’t work in practice [...]



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Diego Medina, AAGLA Member since 1997

This is a great organization I’m proud to be part of it, they provide very useful information to property apartment owners, they have a monthly magazine which is very informative they just celebrated their 100 years anniversary. Congrats!

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