Bad Rent Control

With Oregon passing statewide rent control, the “door has been opened” to tweak the law locally to better protect tenants from money-addicted landlords. The current “one size fits all” legislation fails to protect the most vulnerable. The newly legalized cap of a 7-percent annual increase will financially devastate those in the lower socio-economic groups [...]

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Readers Respond: Rent Control Is Un-American

FILE - In this Jan. 8, 2018, file photo "For Rent" sign is posted outside an apartment building in Sacramento, Calif. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli, File) The Oregon Legislature is considering rent control, an un-American concept. Our economy is built on free trade and competition. Limiting rent increases will discourage investors and limit the supply [...]

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Why SF Restaurants Are Suffocating

One Saturday in December of last year, six months before we closed our beloved restaurant, Tawla, we said goodbye to our lead line cook — one of the last three people left from our original 25-person team when we opened in the Mission two years prior. I had watched him grow and take on more [...]

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First Step in New York State Towards Universal Rent Control

State Senator Julia Salazar introduced a bill that would cap annual rent increase by no more than 150% of the consumer price index. We speak to Sen. Salazar about the proposal Story Transcript SHARMINI PERIES: It’s The Real News Network. I’m Sharmini Peries, coming to you from Baltimore. Our next guest, in an interview [...]

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Police: Apartment Maintenance Man Stole from Residents, Sold Some Items

MIDDLETOWN — Middletown police have arrested a maintenance man at an apartment complex for several alleged burglaries and thefts. Police said they have been investigating multiple thefts and burglaries reported at the Nicholas Place Apartments, 2747 S. Towne Blvd. Since October, there have been eight burglaries at the complex with no sign of forced entry, according to [...]

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Bend Landlords Complain About Oregon’s Rent Control Bill

As president of the Central Oregon Rental Owners Association, Melody Luelling has been fielding a lot of hotline calls about the rent control bill that’s quickly working its way through Oregon’s Democrat-controlled Legislature. Some of the callers are landlords who have been charging rents that are below the market rate and want to catch up before [...]

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21 Helpful Products We’ve Bought for Our Apartments

Your home has a big impact on your quality of life, and mitigating those small daily annoyances you experience around the house can vastly improve your time spent there. I asked my Insider Picks colleagues what the best purchases they ever made for their apartments were. Find all 21 below. Find more smart home devices we [...]

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Glendale Landlords May Soon Have to Limit Annual Rent Increases to 7% or Pay Tenant Relocation Fees

Glendale officials signaled Tuesday evening they would support a proposed ordinance requiring landlords to offer tenants a one-year lease and pay relocation fees if their rent is raised more than 7% annually and the tenant opts to leave. A vote on the Right to Lease ordinance — the result of months of debate over how to address [...]

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Letter: Watch out – Rent Control Is Rarely Temporary

Editor: In a Jan. 3 letter to the editor, Sachi Cooper argued for rent control in Arlington, despite acknowledging that “rent control might damper Arlington’s economy” and discourage construction of new housing. She thought such harms from rent control would be avoided if it were only “used as a temporary measure.” But “temporary” rent control [...]

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Toledo Woman Says Her Apartment Has Been Without Heat Since September

Imagine having to deal with the frigid temperatures we've had lately without heat in your home. That's what a local woman says she's dealing with at her apartment on Christian Avenue, which is off Laskey Road. Tiffany Forbes and her six children live at Cambridge Court Apartments. She tells us that despite numerous calls [...]

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