Landlords Could Not Ban Section 8 Tenants Under Proposed L.A. Ordinance

The Los Angeles City Council is expected to vote Wednesday to draft an ordinance that would bar landlords from establishing blanket bans on tenants with Section 8 vouchers. The law would extend protections against so-called source-of-income discrimination to people who pay with vouchers so they have a better chance to get off the streets or [...]

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Beverly Hills Is Enacting Stronger Rent Regulations, Even for Luxury Renters

Municipalities around Los Angeles like Inglewood, Glendale and Long Beach have been strengthening their rent regulations over the last several months, instituting new protections for renters, including caps on rent increases and mandatory relocation fees. Now, one very unlikely city may top them all. Beverly Hills, with its famous ZIP code and eight-figure spec mansions, [...]

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The Rent Is Too High! Rochester Housing Advocates Rally for Rent Reforms

Banging plastic buckets and chanting slogans about the importance of addressing Rochester's housing crisis, protesters took to downtown streets on Thursday to drum up support for a slate of legislation that would better protect New York's renters. "They use the system as a strategy to keep people in poverty, but we have a strategy too," said [...]

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Proponents of Colorado Rent Control Measure Say It Would Help Low Wage Earners Making Tough Choices

Graciela Moreno sent Colorado legislators a letter urging them to adopt a rent control measure. The bakery worker would have liked to have delivered her message in person. But that would have meant missing work — and pay. Proponents of Senate Bill 19-225, “Authorize Local Governments To Stabilize Rent,” say it’s designed to help people like [...]

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San Jose housing developers voice concern with Ellis Act

Ramon Navarro Johnson lost his rent-controlled apartment in 2015 when his landlord decided to charge market rate. “I was abruptly displaced from my home, could not find other affordable housing options (and) ended up homeless for a year and a half,” he said. Johnson now has stable housing, but said he still suffers the effects of his [...]

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Protestors Call out Tarver for Changing Position and Voting to Keep State Ban on Rent Control

Activists in support of lifting the ban on rent control protested against State Rep. Curtis J. Tarver II (25th) for switching his position on rent control and voting against house bill 255, which would repeal the Rent Control Preemption Act of 1997. On April 10, about 40 protestors from the Lift The Ban Coalition and [...]

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A Better Solution Than Rent Control

As widely reported, the efforts in Springfield to lift the state ban on rent control were recently defeated.  While it was determined that rent control is not a practical solution, the affordable housing problem nevertheless remains.  So, rather than focusing on what doesn’t work, we must now ask ourselves if there are other solutions that can [...]

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Sacramento’s War on Landlords Will Only Worsen the Housing Shortage

Rental housing is a business, not a war crime, but that hasn’t stopped lawmakers in Sacramento from going nuclear against the owners of apartment buildings in California. A dozen bills targeting the rental housing business have been introduced in the state legislature. Combined, they represent what might be the greatest assault on property rights in [...]

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Tenant activists want L.A. Mayor Garcetti to put $10 million into ‘right to counsel’

Tenant activists are urging Los Angeles leaders to make sure that renters facing harassment or eviction can turn to a lawyer for help. At a news conference Thursday outside City Hall, a coalition of tenant advocates and community activists pressed for the city to move forward with a “right to counsel” ordinance and called on [...]

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La Wants to Stop Landlords from Rejecting Section 8 Vouchers

Scroll to the bottom of listings for apartments in Los Angeles, and you'll often find a list of things landlords won't accept: No pets. No smoking. And no Section 8. Section 8 is a federally funded program that provides housing assistance vouchers to low-income renters. But most landlords in the city are turning away people who use [...]

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