Letter | Rental Registry a Back Door to Rent Control Measures

The City Council is about to enact a rental registry at the cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars. This will be a fee-funded program that will collect the names of all residents, renters and cosigners and all the rental contracts. The only cities that maintain these databases are those with draconian rent control [...]

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8 Best Apartment Reits to Buy Now

Apartment REITs offer reliable and growing dividends. Apartment REITs, or real estate investment trusts, offer opportunities to capitalize on strong housing demand while potentially offsetting stock market volatility. “I like multifamily REITs for the diversification of cash flows,” says Roger L. Gainer, owner of Gainer Financial & Insurance Services in San Rafael, California. “Most programs [...]

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Couple Say They Were Forced from Apartment After Getting Pregnant

No guests, no speaking on cellphones among bizarre rules at complex MIAMI - No talking on the cellphone, no babysitting allowed and no guests! Those are just some of the rules that have been imposed at a South Florida apartment building. Michael Mejias and his wife claim they got kicked out of their home because property [...]

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City Council Returns to Review Rent Control Urgency Ordinance

A need for the ordinance was decided upon after much debate at the June 24 City Council meeting In response to the skyrocketing rent prices in the city, the Culver City City Council is meeting on Aug. 12 to discuss planned rent control after an urgency ordinance was called for at the June 24 [...]

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Newsom Sidesteps Right-To-Shelter Plan, but Says Homeless on Streets ‘Cannot Persist’

Gov. Gavin Newsom said Wednesday that he wasn’t ready to back a legal “right to shelter” for those without housing, even though the idea was put forward by two key allies who lead his task force to help find solutions to homelessness. A right-to-shelter measure would force municipalities to construct enough shelter beds so that [...]

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Newsom Backs Effort to Cap Rent Increases in California

An effort to cap annual rent increases in California received a boost Wednesday when Gov. Gavin Newsom embraced the idea and said he wants even more restrictions than currently planned. “I’m hopeful … that I will get on my desk in the very near term a rent cap bill because it is long overdue [...]

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New York City’s Rent Control Laws Erase Property Rights and Worsen Housing Supply

Owning property means more than having your name on a deed. Lawyers and judges often refer to property ownership as a “bundle of rights,” because with ownership comes more than just the mere right of possession. You also have the right to use, modify, dispose of, and exclude others from your property. You don’t [...]

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Inglewood Housing Justice Group Mulls Its Next Steps

After a historic rent control win, residents and activists in the largely black and Latino city of Inglewood are not just celebrating their hard-fought renter protections, but they’re also envisioning how the increasingly booming city could further benefit its working-class residents. “Rent control is only one piece of the puzzle,” says Jelani Hendrix, a [...]

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Oakland Landlords Lose Courtroom Battle, After Paying $6,500 to Move Back into Their House

OAKLAND — A pair of landlords forced to cough up more than $6,500 to move back into a house they own lost their courtroom battle against the city, ending — for now — the fight over Oakland’s controversial relocation payment ordinance. A federal judge dismissed the lawsuit, which challenged Oakland’s right to demand that landlords pay their [...]

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To House Almost 600 Homeless People, a Venice Couple Are Working Outside the System

It started with a spreadsheet of income and expenses showing a modest profit could be made by housing homeless people. The profit hasn’t materialized yet. But Heidi Roberts and John Betz, a Venice couple who decided to make their mom-and-pop rental business part of the solution to homelessness, have shown that they can get people [...]

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