United Way Program Entices Landlords in Orange County to Rent to Homeless People with Housing Vouchers

The math seems a no-brainer. On one side, landlords, property managers and others who belong to the Apartment Association of Orange County control more than 85,000 rental units around the county. On the other, about 100 individuals and families who have struggled with homelessness– but recently have been issued federally-subsidized vouchers to pay their [...]

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O’Farrell, Price, Martinez Seek Emergency Ordinance to Prevent “No-Fault” Evictions Before AB 1482 Goes Into Effect January 1

CITY HALL - In a move to stave off a surge in rent increases and evictions by landlords in Los Angeles, Councilmembers Mitch O’Farrell and Curren Price co-introduced a motion Friday directing staff to draft an emergency ordinance to implement a temporary moratorium on “no-fault” evictions for rental units built prior to Jan. 1, [...]

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Is the City Winding up to Regulate Tenancy in Common?

A new homeownership model geared at first-time buyers that’s gaining traction in LA can come at the expense of renters. Now Los Angeles City Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell is trying to get a handle on just how many rent-controlled tenants are being pushed out to make way for the model, called tenancy in common, or TIC. He [...]

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Uncharted Territory’: Bay Area Cre Braces for Widespread Power Shutoffs

Pacific Gas & Electric Co. began shutting off power to nearly 800,000 of its California customers Wednesday morning, with nearly the entire Bay Area expected to be affected. The unprecedented fire-prevention measure has put property managers and building owners into new territory. Click here to continue reading.

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State Rent Caps Have Landlords Considering Whether or Not to Raise Rent… Now

Governor Gavin Newsom is expected to sign Assembly Bill 1482 into law, which will enforce a 5 percent rent cap and expand “just cause” eviction policies for the state. How are landlords reacting? The bill was introduced as a way to help alleviate growing concerns of housing affordability in California. But how property owners decide to respond [...]

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Landlords Say State Rent Caps May Force Them to Raise Rents More Frequently

Prominent landlord attorney Dennis Block stood before a crowd of more than 200 at an apartment owners trade show in Pasadena and, to laughs, boasted of having evicted “more tenants than anybody else on the planet Earth.” Block said he was proud to enforce what he said America was built on: property rights. He [...]

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Black People Disproportionately Homeless in California

Just a few years ago, Yolanda Harraway was living in a tent on the streets of Chinatown in Salinas, an agricultural hub struggling with a growing homeless community. Harraway’s slide into homelessness began when her son was taken from her custody by Child Protective Services. She struggled with addiction and had several felonies on [...]

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California’s Housing Crisis Is Displacing Renters. What Can Be Done to Protect Them?

“Tenant protections are essential in a state with poverty rates above the national average, three hour commutes and teachers sleeping in their cars,” said Bay Area political consultant Catherine Lew. “But there are millions of Californians we can’t protect from unfair evictions and massive rent hikes without meaningful, institutionalized reform.” The Sacramento Bee’s California [...]

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Seven Ways California’s New “Rent Cap” Law Would Affect You

"We built these ships, we dredged these canals in a San Francisco they never knew existed,” said African-American actor Jimmy Fails in the trailer of the June 2019 movie “The Last Black Man in San Francisco,” which also stars Golden Gate City native Danny Glover. The film – with sentimental flashbacks of a bygone [...]

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