You Asked: What to Do About California’s Housing Shortage?

California Influencers this week answered the question: What do you think are the most important steps to take to improve California’s shortage of affordable housing? Would Proposition 10 help or hurt in those efforts? Here are their answers: Donna Lucas, CEO and president, Lucas Public Affairs California housing prices are the highest in the nation. Rental [...]

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Landlords Are Terrified Democrats Could Take Control Over New York

"Victories by the progressive left in last week’s Democratic Party primaries have left the real estate industry reeling, with fears that landlords and developers could lose out if Democrats take complete control of the state government in November. Republicans, who now maintain a narrow majority in the Senate — and until recently with support from a rogue [...]

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Land Costs Propel Developers to Maximize Efficiencies

"SVN International Corp. recently announced the formation of SVN NorCal, a joint effort of seven of the firm’s Northern California offices to come together under one brand, offering collaborative services, tools and expertise. Collectively, SVN NorCal will assist real estate clients in sales, leasing, management and investments of office, industrial, retail and multifamily properties. Participating [...]

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Gamboa: Prop. 10 Threatens California’s Ability to Fix the Affordable Housing Crisis

Editor's note: An attempt to reach out to the Yes on Prop 10 campaign was made.  Both gubernatorial candidates have a lot to say about how to fix our housing crisis. They have great ideas about how to expedite housing construction, increase inventory and reduce costs for families looking to achieve the American Dream of [...]

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As County Taps Brakes on Accelerating Rents in La Crescenta, Glendale Renters Hope City Council Takes Note

La Crescenta residents struggling to pay rising rents may soon find relief, with a temporary measure passed by Los Angeles County Supervisors to address rent hikes currently under draft. The L.A. County Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 Tuesday to pass the measure that will freeze rent increases for six months at 3% per year in [...]

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Poll: No on Rent Control Measure

A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said they will not vote for Proposition 10, which would repeal the Costa-Hawkins act and allow cities to impose strict rent control ordinances. Here are some comments: “I believe in the free-market economy, but so many people are being priced out of our area that our [...]

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Proposition 10: Vote No on Rent Control, a ‘Solution’ That Worsens Housing Crisis

"The severity of California’s housing crisis is difficult to exaggerate. Stories about people with decent jobs having no choice but to live in vehicles are increasingly common. So are stories about people who have to commute several hours from cheaper inland communities to costly urban areas, and about single professionals who basically have no [...]

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It’s Wrong to Force Landlords to Subsidize Affordable Housing by Passing Rent Control

To the editor: If the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors feels that certain people should receive subsidies to make up the difference between what they can afford for rent and the current market rate, then it should propose funding such subsidies from the county budget. It seems unfair that the burden of providing affordable housing [...]

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Proposition 10: Should California Expand Rent Control

"Almost half of California’s population–17 million people–are renters. Many of them spend more than half of their income on rent, plunging many full-time workers into poverty. The consequences of California’s skyrocketing rents are dire and unsustainable. People jam the freeways, commuting long distances into cities they can no longer afford. Many Californians, including children, live [...]

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Dueling on Rent Control

Shawna Thrower-Low raised five children in Del Paso Heights. Now young adults, some of those children are struggling to make it in the neighborhood. “My younger sons are 21- and 22-years-old, they can’t afford to live on their own,” Thrower-Low said. “Where it used to be $900 for a two bedroom apartment, it’s now hard to find [...]

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