Amid Gentrification Fears, Officials Kill Plan for 577 Apartments in South L.A.

The South Los Angeles Area Planning Commission has voted to reject a plan for 577 apartments near a Crenshaw Boulevard light-rail station, the latest flare-up in a debate over gentrification and the benefits of market-rate housing. The commission, which is made up of appointees of Mayor Eric Garcetti, unanimously opposed the six-story development known [...]

2019-11-22T14:07:09-08:00November 22nd, 2019|Advocacy|

Rent Control Will Do Nothing to Solve California’s Housing Crisis

The conceit of the free market is that generally it supplies most things efficiently to most people. Whenever it fails to supply, it is a market failure. There is, unquestionably, a market failure at play in California’s housing market. This market failure has managed to place California as one of the richest states with [...]

2019-11-21T17:23:26-08:00November 21st, 2019|Advocacy|

Oregon and California Enacted Rent Control. Could Washington State Be Next?

The red stickers and signs posted around town leading up to this month’s Seattle City Council elections bore a simple message. “We need rent control” and “Seattle needs rent control” were some of the main campaign slogans of Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant, who recently won reelection despite record spending by business interests trying to [...]

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