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Rent Control Increases Capped at $44

Rent increases for rent controlled units will be limited to 2% this year with a maximum monthly increase of $44. Rent control increases are governed by formulas in the City Charter and while the Rent Control Board has no control over the percentage increase they do have a choice when setting the additional dollar cap. [...]

2019-07-03T13:28:34-07:00July 3rd, 2019|Advocacy|

L.A. Leaders Say Trump Proposal Would Boot Thousands of Immigrants from Public Housing

Calling the plan “torture” and “state-sponsored terrorism,” Los Angeles City Council members on Wednesday blasted a proposed rule that would deny federal housing aid to households that include anyone living in the country illegally, even when other members are eligible for such aid as lawful residents or U.S. citizens. Immigrants lacking lawful status are ineligible for federal [...]

2019-07-02T11:29:06-07:00July 2nd, 2019|Advocacy|

A Two-For-One Tenant Bill Now Includes Rent Cap and Eviction Protections

Sarah Sneed, 68, who has suffered two strokes, waited as security at the Courtyard Inn in North Highlands evict her along with her daughter and son-in-law Wedneday. They had run out of money and had no car and no place to go - but they're not alon By Renee C. Byer One of the few remaining tenant [...]

2019-07-01T16:53:52-07:00July 1st, 2019|Advocacy|

New York Rent-Regulation Laws Raise Refinancing Risk, Analysts Say

According to two of the country’s largest credit ratings and financial advisory firms, New York state’s new tenant-friendly rent-regulation laws pose negative financial implications for property owners and lenders, potentially lowering values and in some cases creating refinancing troubles. The overhaul of rent laws enacted this month removed landlords’ ability to spike rents by up to 20% [...]

2019-07-01T10:08:54-07:00July 1st, 2019|Advocacy|

Price Controls Are Harmful and Their Supporters Know It

Price controls cause serious problems but that doesn’t stop politicians from proposing them. The minimum wage—which is a control on wages—has been in the news for years and recently rent control and interest rate caps on credit cards have joined it in the headlines. Proponents of price controls claim they help, but a closer look shows that [...]

2019-06-28T11:40:44-07:00June 28th, 2019|Advocacy|

What Rent Control Protects and What It Doesn’t

After several decades on the defensive, rent regulation has been on the comeback trail in the U.S. lately. In Oregon, the state Legislature and governor approved a new law early this year that limits rent increases to 7% a year plus inflation. In California, the state Assembly passed a similar capin May that’s currently in committee in the state Senate, and local rent-control [...]

2019-06-28T11:35:48-07:00June 28th, 2019|Advocacy|

City Councilman Wants State to Match Los Angeles’ $1.2 Billion Housing Fund

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Los Angeles City Councilman Mitch O'Farrell called on the state today to direct $1.2 billion toward the city's battle against homelessness, matching the amount of a voter-approved municipal bond measure aimed at attacking the problem. “We need to augment our programs and go beyond and push for 20,000 (supportive housing) units [...]

2019-06-28T11:32:45-07:00June 28th, 2019|Advocacy|

President Trump targets preservation, zoning, and rent control regulations

President Donald Trump issued an executive order that establishes a White House Council focused on "eliminating regulatory barriers to affordable housing." The council is to be chaired by the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson. The order reads: "These regulatory barriers include: overly restrictive zoning and growth management controls; rent controls; cumbersome building and rehabilitation codes; [...]

2019-06-28T11:16:17-07:00June 28th, 2019|Advocacy|

SF affordable housing projects kick-started with $40 million in state funds

For more than a half-century, the Kahn & Keville tire shop at Turk and Larkin streets has been known for the inspirational sayings spelled out on the letter board sign perched on the corner. Now the sign’s days may be numbered: Last week, the city learned that the nonprofit developer that owns the property [...]

2019-06-28T11:05:41-07:00June 28th, 2019|Advocacy|

Lawmakers—cutting big checks to combat the housing crisis—fight over who gets the money

California lawmakers have approved more than $2 billion in new state spending on housing and homelessness. If that sounds like a big number, it is. The lion’s share will target the state’s homeless population, including $650 million in grants for local governments to build and maintain emergency shelters and $100 million for wrap-around care for the state’s [...]

2019-06-28T10:54:42-07:00June 27th, 2019|Advocacy|