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Proposition 10, Which Would Expand Rent Control, Is ‘in Deep Trouble,’ Poll Shows

"An initiative that would expand rent control in California faces a steep deficit as election day nears, according to a new USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll. The survey found that 41% of likely voters favor Proposition 10 with 38% opposed and 21% undecided. California law prohibits cities and counties from implementing many forms of rent control. Proposition [...]

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The USC/Dornsife Polls Are a Mess. Here’s Why.

"Media credibility is more important than ever. While the vast majority continue to do a terrific job, people trust reporting less and less because of disingenuous attacks on so-called “fake news.” Similarly, the polling industry is facing a crisis of consumer skepticism. It’s more difficult than ever to separate quality pollsters from the glut of [...]

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Some Chicago Tenants Demand Rent Control

"Supporters of a proposal to lift the state's ban on rent control hosted a community meeting in Rogers Park Thursday night. One senior named Donna said she is worried about losing her apartment because her building is for sale. “The new owners may raise the rent, and if they raise the rent $20 or $30 more [...]

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Building More Apartments Won’t Reduce the Rent, Says Rent Control Group

"Housing and rent are too high in big cities. That means we need to get rid of antiquated zoning statutes and build, build, build. But wait: The Federal Reserve recently determined that increases in supply won’t automatically reduce rents. New York City’s former planning director said the “more housing” theory didn’t work in practice there.Zillow data show that adding market-rate [...]

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Mailbag: Rent Control, Measure S, Parking Issues and Hoover High Brawl on Readers’ Minds

"Glendale, like the rest of California, is choking under a housing crisis. It would be dishonest to disregard the fact that Glendale is facing a potentially disastrous situation. Glendale has glaring rent issues and a rapid turnaround is essential to salvage the situation. A rent stability ordinance is an ultimate solution for the rent problem. [...]

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Questions for the Council as It Considers Commercial Rent Control

"On Monday the City Council will hold a hearing on a bill to impose commercial rent control in the city by requiring binding arbitration in rent disputes in an effort to help small retailers. Before taking such a radical step—and it is radical—council members need to answer these questions. Is there a crisis for small [...]

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Ahead of Referendum, Rent Control Measure Isn’t Polling Well with Voters

"Ahead of the Nov. 6 referendum, an initiative that would let municipalities expand rent control laws does not appear to have the support of enough voters to pass. That’s according to a recent poll, that found 41 percent of likely voters would support the measure, Proposition 10, the Los Angeles Times reported. It needs 50 [...]

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Real Estate Matters | What is Rent Control and Does It Work?

"In Macau, we often hear stories of landlords raising rents to incredulous heights and forcing existing tenants to move at the end of the tenancy agreement. Some say that it’s just the market doing what the market does and that we should just deal with it, while others say that the government should intervene to [...]

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Why Drug Makers Are Opposing Rent Control

America’s major drug manufacturers are suddenly interested in Californiahousing battles, donating $500,000 to defeat an initiative that could expand rent control. Or maybe it’s personal. Michael Weinstein of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation is the proponent and main funder of Proposition 10, the rent control expansion measure on the November ballot. Apartment owners and real estate [...]

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Rent Control Pits Tenants Against One Another

"Soaring rents are a serious problem. Many Californians are paying much more rent than in the past or cannot afford to live where they’d like to. Unfortunately, Proposition 10’s solution — allowing for more rent control — does not fix this problem for the community as a whole. Instead it helps current tenants who decide [...]

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