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Startup Fights to Protect Tenants

The fight to protect rent-controlled units in New York City is ongoing. Standing up to landlords who want to sell units at market price can be challenging. However, the free web-app is helping tenants build legal cases to fight evictions and pressure landlords to make necessary repairs in rent-regulated units. Sometimes, landlords need to be reminded [...]

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London Mayor Performs U-Turn on Rent Controls

London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan has revealed that he wants to see rent controls introduced in London. The news was leaked yesterday by a national newspaper after a letter from Khan to London Labour MP Karen Buck went public. In the letter Khan says the case for introducing rent controls is overwhelming  to create a “strategic [...]

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Apartment Fire Started by Fish Left Cooking on Stove

An unattended stove started a blaze that destroyed an apartment and took nearly two hours to extinguish, according to the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety. The fire occurred in the early morning of Saturday, Dec. 8 at an apartment complex on Inverness Lane, according to a news release issued by the department. No one was [...]

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NMHC / NAA Push Back on Proposed Source of Income Legislation

Senators Hatch (R-UT) and Kaine (D-VA) introduced the Fair Housing Improvement Act of 2018 on November 13 to amend the Fair Housing Act to prohibit discrimination based on source of income, which NMHC/NAA believe fundamentally changes the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program from an optional government program for private property owners to mandatory. Dating back to [...]

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County and Glendale Freeze Rents While Both Craft Alternatives

Despite the defeat of a ballot measure that would have allowed communities to establish their own forms of rent control, rent freezes are being imposed on properties in Glendale, Altadena and other unincorporated parts of Los Angeles County amid a growing tenants’ rights movement in Glendale and Pasadena. Although Proposition 10 — which would have [...]

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Legislation for Rent Register, Rent Controls and Notices to Quit to Come Before Cabinet

Legislation will be brought to Cabinet next Tuesday to better enforce rent pressure zone designations, double the notice to quit period and introduce a rent register, the Taoiseach has told the Dáil. Leo Varadkar said the Government would introduce a rent register as recommended by the housing charity Threshold in its annual report on Wednesday. It [...]

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Should California Subsidize Housing with ‘Rent Stamps’?

It’s time for the California Legislature to take a totally new approach to meeting the critical human need for shelter. The Legislature should consider approaches that neither impose the costs of this societal need on a subset of the real estate industry nor give its benefits randomly to those in need. Shelter, like food, is [...]

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Vancouver Rent Control Is Not the Advertised Win for Renters

The freshly adopted rent-control measures in Vancouver have been celebrated by advocates and politicians alike. The Vancouver Tenants Union even went as far as calling the new restrictions an “incredible win for literally half the population.” But the adopted measures are not what they seem. The additional measures scheduled for the spring are even worse. [...]

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‘Til Death Do Us Part: When Rent Control Is a Bigger Commitment Than Marriage

We’d had a pretty incredible San Francisco night. It started at one of The City’s last underground art spaces for an event called Puppet Death Match. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a series of funny vignettes in which a bunch weird puppets battle to the death…obviously. Afterwards, we popped by the White Horse Tavern [...]

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