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Apartment Age is the magazine of choice for rental property owners & managers.

  • Reach Thousands of Property Owners & Managers – 10K readers
  • An engaged and receptive audience – One of the largest paid circulations
  • Circulation – 25K+*
  • Credibility – Reaches thousands of investors & owners whose personal incomes exceed $150K per year
  • $700 million** spent annually – in industry products & services

* This reflects the trade magazine industry standard (2.5 passes per magazine.)

** Information from current NAA survey.



General Requirements


Display advertising space is reserved with first month insertion payment and artwork received by the 7th of the month prior to cover issue. In other words, the deadline for the July issue is June 7. Insert space must be paid, reserved and delivered by the 10th of the month; June 10th for July issue.

Advertising Copy

Layout help, artwork and typesetting are complementary to our advertisers, within reason. Changes to existing ads are also free and due by the 7th of the month to the printer for the following month’s issue. All ad changes must be submitted in writing.

Computer to Plate (Press-Ready) Ads

Press-Ready Ads can be submitted in the following formats, either by disk /CD or email: PDF, EPS (fonts converted to curves), GIF or Corel Draw11 (with fonts included or type converted to curves). Also, in order for Apartment Age to be able to make changes to your ad, it must be submitted in Corel Draw 11. Ads must be sent in CMYK Black and/or CMYK Magenta for ads that are designed for reel and black. Pictures in ads need to be CMYK gray scale. Email ads as attachments to Communications regarding your ads should be emailed directly to our advertising manager, Edgar G Aguilar .

If you build ads in non-graphics programs, such as Power-Point or Microsoft: Word, they will not work and will have to be redone.

Advertiser’s Index

The ad index is complementary to our advertisers with up to three free listings available. Magazine is not liable for errors or omissions with this complimentary service. Additional listings also are available for $5 each.

Unfulfilled Contracts

Contracts cancelled by advertiser prior to completion may be short rated at the lowest earned rate. Insertion order cannot be cancelled after closing date and all cancellations must be submitted in writing.

Advertising Position

Publisher reserves the right to place display ads at his discretion. Placement varies monthly. Preferred positioning is available for an added fee.

Service charges

Monthly service charges are levied at 2% after 30 days.


Image size

Pages are 10” in length by 7 ½”  width.

Trim Size is 10 ⅝” length by 8 ⅜”  width.

Method of Printing

Heat-set web offset.


Saddle stitched.


1 – Full page

7 ½” wide x 10” high.

2- 2/3 page

Vertical 4 15/16″ wide x 10″ high.

3- 1/2 page

Vertical 3-11/16″ wide x 10″ high.
Horizontal 7-1/2″wide x 4-15/16″ high.
Square 4-15/16″ wide x 7-1/2″ high.

4- 1/3 page

Vertical 2-5/16″ wide x 10″ high.
Horizontal 7-1/2″ wide x 3-1/4″ high.
Square 4-15/16″ wide x 4-15/16″ high.

5- 1/4 page

Vertical 2 5/16″ wide x 7-1/2” high.
Horizontal 7 1/2″ wide x 2 5/16″ high.
Square 3-11 /16″ wide x 4 15/16″ high.

6- 1/6 page (PSC only)

Vertical 2-5/16″ wide x 4-l 5/16″ high.
Horizontal 2-5/16″ wide x 4-l 5/16″ high.



Most stories you read about in Apartment Age Magazine are written by our Products and Services Council. We are always looking for new trends, exciting topics, and latest news to share with our members. If you have a unique writing style and would like to be featured in our monthly publication, please submit it for consideration.
Articles should be 750 – 1,000 words in length and must be educational in nature to comply with our Editorial standards.

Please note: Not all submissions will be published. Submissions will be reviewed by our Editor in Chief prior to publishing. Article is not guaranteed to be published. If article is published, our editor will determine the month the article is published (unless stated that the article is timely in nature). If edits are made to your article prior to publishing, you will be notified in writing for approval.

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