RENT CONTROL is Back on the California Ballot this November: Contribute Today to Stop it!

A new ballot proposition we’re calling “Proposition 10, Version 2.0”, if passed, will drastically expand California’s rent control laws by repealing the protections we currently have under Costa-Hawkins. This new ballot initiative is an extremely dangerous threat to owners of rental housing! If passed:

  • Your right to raise rent to market when tenants vacate will be restricted – vacancy de-control will be illegal!
  • Rent control will be expanded to single-family homes and condominiums when more than 2 are owned.
  • Will result in the loss of local revenues leaving less funding for our schools, police and fire departments.
  • Will REDUCE the value of your rental property and your rental income.

The Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles (AAGLA) strongly OPPOSES this new ballot initiative and we are launching a statewide opposition to defeat this latest ballot initiative that threatens your property rights. JOIN US IN THIS FIGHT TODAY!

Our campaign to stop rent control’s expansion and defeat this new ballot initiative will cost $80++ million. Therefore, we are suggesting that each of our members help in the fight by contributing $100.00 PER UNIT to help us fight-back and win against the initiative’s well-financed proponents. Please give what you can but give generously – every dollar counts! 100% of funds received will be used in the fight to oppose the initiative. Help us to ensure the voice of reason and common sense is heard and that your property rights and property values are preserved. We need your financial support to WIN! Give us the resources we need to defeat this ill-conceived ballot initiative! Please contribute today. Don’t delay!

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