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Is This the End of Independent Contractors in California?

Employers classifying workers in California as independent contractors face grave new concerns based on Assembly Bill 5, signed into law by Governor Newsom on Wednesday, September 18. In its breadth and the risk to which it subjects employers, AB 5 easily eclipses last year’s state Supreme Court decision in Dynamex. AB 5 goes into effect [...]

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Does “Just Cause Evictions” Under Ab 1482 CA Rent Control Impact My Ability to Terminate Tenancy?

Do "just cause evictions" under Assembly Bill 1482 California rent control act impact your ability to terminate a tenancy? Giles and Alex discuss how the new law may change your tenant's rights. Click here to continue reading.

2019-09-30T11:13:35-07:00September 30th, 2019|Advocacy|

North Hollywood Tenants Take to the Streets, Fighting Back Against Rent Exploitation

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - Tenants in North Hollywood took to the streets Saturday to fight back against rent exploitation. A group of tenants from an apartment complex on 11815 Gilmore Street have banded together to fight unfair rent increases, poor housing conditions, and mistreatment by management and their corporate landlord. Click here to continue reading. [...]

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