Calling for a rent cap bill for all California, Governor Gavin Newsom said such a measure is long overdue. While Newsom sees this as a temporary solution to the state’s housing crisis, his advocacy for a new law will renew the debate over rent control and set into motion some interesting political machinations.

Legislators have been batting around rent limitation measures this year after a rent control initiative was soundly defeated at the polls last November. Rent caps or limitations–the layman would probably consider any government imposed limitations as rent control–seemed to be stalled. However, the governor’s pronouncement ought to get the ball rolling. The probable vehicle is Assemblyman David Chiu’s AB 1482, which currently sits in a Senate Suspense File as legislators return from their summer break.

Chiu’s bill would establish a 7% yearly increase limit plus inflation. The measure is currently designed to be in effect for three years. It also creates the need for explanations from landlords when they evict tenants, something not required by current law.

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