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Judge Blocks Eviction of SF Mom and Five Kids, Citing ‘Bad Faith’ of Property Manager

A San Francisco judge ruled Friday that a single mom and her five children can stay in their Mission District apartment following a lengthy eviction battle. San Francisco Superior Court Judge Richard Ulmer said in his ruling that the apartment’s property management firm, the John Stewart Co., was unfairly attempting to boot Shantel McClendon and [...]

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Five Questions for Split Roll Proponents

Proponents of an $11 billion statewide property tax increase re-filed their ballot initiative this week, claiming “notable improvements to implementation dates, expansive new small business tax relief, clarified education financing and stronger zoning language to ensure large corporations cannot avoid reassessment.” Breaking down the changes, one can’t help but conclude that proponents would not have thrown away $3.5 [...]

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The Choice Between Rent Control and Pest Control

The first time I saw a mouse in my apartment, I tweeted it. I caught the tiny creature in my dog’s food bowl, where it stood rigid, about as surprised to see me as I was to see it. I slid a plate over the top of the bowl and carried it outside, dumping the mouse and [...]

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Housing California Doesn’t Have to Be so Hard

When the first new home in the Centennial housing development goes on sale in 2021 it will have been 27 years since the project was submitted for local approval.  That’s over a quarter century, well more than two decades. It’s a full generation, or six college graduations. And, for many, it’s nearly half a [...]

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California Developers Claim They’re Scared to Build in Bay Area, Says Survey

Earlier this month, UCLA’s Anderson School of Management and law firm Allen Matkins released their most recent survey of California developers and found that those with a stake in building housing are feeling gun shy about the Bay Area. The report, titled a “Commercial Real Estate Survey” but focusing on multi-family home development as [...]

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Feds Open Investigation into SF Affordable Housing Policies

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has opened an investigation into whether San Francisco’s housing policies violate federal nondiscrimination laws. The agency’s probe appears broad in scope, but according to documents obtained by The Chronicle, the investigation will focus on policies around affordable housing development. But in a letter sent to Mayor [...]

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Newark Rent-Control Law Can Prohibit ‘Additional Rent’ Collected by Landlords

NEWARK, N.J. (Legal Newsline) –  Late fees, attorney’s fees and other costs collected from tenants as “additional rent” can be barred in New Jersey's rent-controlled cities, according to a recently published superior court decision. In its 13-page decision written by Essex County Superior Court Judge Stephen L. Petrillo, the court ruled that collecting "additional rent" from [...]

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$700k for an Apartment? the Cost to Solve the Homeless Crisis Is Soaring in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES — As this city tries to cope with thousands of people living on the streets, a few homeless and low-income senior citizens will be luckier than most next year. They will receive keys to one of 72 new apartments, complete with a fitness center, in the heart of trendy Koreatown, built at a [...]

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Could New York’s New Rent Control Laws Only Benefit Existing Tenants?

There’s really no better current example of the rippling unintended consequences that result when well-meaning legislators try to fix a societal problem without considering all the potential fallout than the recent radical revision of New York’s rent control laws. Although the stated intent was to protect tenants and increase the supply of affordable housing [...]

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Germany Court Upholds Rent Control Regulations

The Federal Constitutional Court of Germany ruled unanimously Tuesday that the Tenancy Law Amendment Act (Act) regulations, which regulate the amount of rent a landlord can charge at the beginning of a rental period, are constitutional. The court held that these regulations “do not violate the guarantee of property, freedom of contract or the general principle [...]

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