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Meet the Eviction Defenders Helping to Keep Tenants at Home

A young man sits at a small table inside the front door of a four-story building less than two blocks from the headquarters of Twitter, Square, and Uber. Without looking up from his laptop, he tells visitors “fourth floor” before they can ask. He knows that almost all of them seek help from above, [...]

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Bernie Sanders: As a Child, Rent Control Kept a Roof over My Head

(CNN)I was born and raised in a three-and-a-half room apartment in Brooklyn. My father was a paint salesman who worked hard his entire life, but never made much money. This was not a life of desperate poverty -- but coming from a lower middle-class family, I will never forget how money, or really lack [...]

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Is Rent Control a ‘Taking’ of Landlords’ Property?

There was always going to be a lawsuit. In June, when state lawmakers in Albany approved a package of bills allowing communities around New York to establish rent-control policies when they face severe housing shortages, they also expanded rent stabilization rules that were already in place in New York City and a few surrounding counties. [...]

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California Focus: Where Dubious Housing Solutions Find a Home

California voters have often made it clear they don’t much care for efforts by the state to interfere with free markets in housing. Despite some public polls showing support for denser housing and rent controls, these ideas don’t do well at the ballot box, the latest example last year’s resounding defeat of the pro-rent [...]

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Amid an Affordable Housing Crisis, Cities Take the Lead, Test Many Solutions

Downtown, it seems “the only new buildings are luxury student accommodation and hotels,” and those expensive developments are squeezing out housing for locals. Downtown Charleston? No, that’s from a July 6 article in The Irish Times about housing affordability in Dublin. The lack of affordable housing has become a great concern, even a crisis, not only [...]

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A Man Was Fined $123,000 for Renting out His Central London Apartment to Tourists on AirB&B

A British man has been fined £100,000 ($123,000) for renting out his government-owned apartment in central London to tourists on Airbnb. In the UK, council houses are owned by the government and distributed to people in need. Some are handed out free of charge, but most are rented at a subsidized rate. It's illegal [...]

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A Case Study in Affordability Solutions from NMHC

We know that cookie-cutter approaches like rent control don’t work, yet more municipalities are embracing these misguided policies. Earlier this year, Oregon passed the nation’s first, statewide rent control regime and, more recently, New York passed a landmark deal to expand rent control protections. There are alternative solutions and our industry needs to do [...]

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Bay Area Homeownership Hits Seven-Year Low. Are Out-Of-Control Prices to Blame?

Homeownership in much of the Bay Area hit a seven-year low last quarter, according to new Census data released Thursday, suggesting that even though the market has cooled slightly, high prices continue to keep many residents from buying. In a wide swath of the Bay Area that includes San Francisco, Alameda, Contra Costa, San [...]

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Fact-Checking Claims on California’s Unsheltered Homeless Population

During his recent push for a ‘right to shelter’ law, Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg made eye-opening claims about the share of unsheltered homeless people in California compared with New York City — and on the soaring rate of homeless deaths in two major cities in the state. Steinberg co-chairs the state’s Commission on Homelessness and [...]

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Council Eyes Tweaks to Rent Control

Amid plans to draft a 2020 ballot measure, the Mountain View City Council will likely seek greater influence over the city's rent control law, particularly a provision giving them the ability to make changes. In its first meeting on Tuesday, July 23, members of a new City Council subcommittee offered a high-level vision of [...]

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