LOS ANGELES (CNS) – The lack of a robust rent-control ordinance to control rising housing costs and provide legal protections for tenants is a major factor contributing to Los Angeles County’s rising homeless population, according to a report released today.

“This report, coupled with the Los Angeles County homeless count, makes clear that our county is in crisis,” said Pamela Agustin, an organizer with the Eastside Leadership for Equitable and Accountable Development Strategies coalition. “The status quo that has prioritized corporate landlords’ thirst for ever-higher profits over the lives of tenants isn’t working and is tearing at the very fabric of our communities.”

The report, titled “Pushed Out, Priced Out, Locked Out,” said the 12% increase in the county’s homeless population documented in the most recent count could be slowed significantly through the implementation of permanent renter-protection laws. A strong rent-control ordinance in the county would provide protection for more than 403,000 renters, according to the report.

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