Now that California’s shocking homeless problem has been brought to the nation’s attention, it should be instructive to voters heading into the next presidential election to see how the state’s Democratic leadership addresses the problem.  Will they properly identify the cause, or will political correctness interfere?  Will they deliver the right solutions, or will progressive politics take precedence?

What causes homelessness, and why has it increased in California in recent years?  The most popular Democrat answer has been to point to the widening gap between wages and housing costs in California.  “Our housing crisis is our homeless crisis,” says Elise Buik of the L.A. United Way.  This view allows them to offer solutions like higher minimum wage, increased government spending on housing, rent control, laws limiting landlords’ ability to evict tenants, and even laws taxing property owners who fail to make their property available for rent.  But is expensive rent really the cause?

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