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Price Controls Are Harmful and Their Supporters Know It

Price controls cause serious problems but that doesn’t stop politicians from proposing them. The minimum wage—which is a control on wages—has been in the news for years and recently rent control and interest rate caps on credit cards have joined it in the headlines. Proponents of price controls claim they help, but a closer look shows that [...]

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What Rent Control Protects and What It Doesn’t

After several decades on the defensive, rent regulation has been on the comeback trail in the U.S. lately. In Oregon, the state Legislature and governor approved a new law early this year that limits rent increases to 7% a year plus inflation. In California, the state Assembly passed a similar capin May that’s currently in committee in the state Senate, and local rent-control [...]

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City Councilman Wants State to Match Los Angeles’ $1.2 Billion Housing Fund

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Los Angeles City Councilman Mitch O'Farrell called on the state today to direct $1.2 billion toward the city's battle against homelessness, matching the amount of a voter-approved municipal bond measure aimed at attacking the problem. “We need to augment our programs and go beyond and push for 20,000 (supportive housing) units [...]

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