A Manhattan publicist claims to have been through a nightmarish experience renting her triplex apartment to an uptown doctor — who, according to court papers, did $250,000 of damage within days of getting the keys, changed the locks, made holes in the walls, tore down wallpaper, “threw out television sets [or] gave them away” and installed “an illegal hot tub.”

In a situation straight out of the Michael Keaton tenant-from-hell thriller “Pacific Heights,” Samantha Martin claims that she handed over the keys to her Upper West Side condo to Dr. Katie Novosel — and within days Novosel began wreaking havoc on the joint.

In a $1 million lawsuit filed in New York Supreme Court, Martin — the owner of a boutique lifestyle p.r. firm called Media Maison that has offices in Hong Kong and New York — claims that Novosel “broke, damaged or destroyed marble countertops, a lift system, patio furniture and a patio canopy, among other things, and wrecked an electrical panel by installing [an] ‘illegal hot tub.’ ”

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